Kasautii Zindagii Kay 5 April 2019 Written Update – Who Identifies Prerna?

Written Update: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 5 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Shivani revealing to Prerna that they won’t get captured. Prerna keeps the gems in the dustbin. Mohini stresses. Komolika converses with Chobey available to come back to work. She says it’s dire, there is an issue, there is an assault at home. He asks what, are you not at home, how are you calling. She says Molly helped out on them, so they have given me a chance to decide, so I called you to take help, kindly accomplish something, help me. He asks her not to stress.

Komolika asks Mohini not to stress, the father will accomplish something. She proceeds to stop Prerna. She asks what’s in this bushel, are you intending to take something or plant something in my space to charge me. Prerna says no, we need to check the gold and papers. Shivani says individuals can shroud things anyplace, we will tear the bedsheet and after that the couch, we know where the papers are covered up. Prerna says stop this jabber, proceed to stay there, we will simply take things that are unlawful. Komolika says whatever I claim is mine, I don’t swindle anybody to get anything, you won’t get anything. Cheerful says you, counterfeit spouse.

Komolika inquires as to for what reason did you say that I heard it, you called me a counterfeit spouse. Prerna says no, I didn’t. Komolika says no, I heard it. Mahesh asks Anupam what’s going on with him. Anupam says I had a battle with my significant another yesterday, so this is alright, chill, I m not taking anything. He asks Nivedita is this gold vase. She says its simply gold painted. He says this jewelry looks extravagant. She says truly, I don’t check cost before purchasing. Mahesh says that cushion has brilliant work. Anupam says I will check. Mahesh says you are crossing the limit. Anupam says I m her significant other. Mahesh says that brilliant egg, check it, remain away and be in character, I got a telephone call, I need to proceed to attack another house. He goes.

Shivani inquires as to for what reason did you call Komolik as a phony spouse. Prerna says she is phony spouse. Komolika comes to them and says you have called me a counterfeit spouse. Shivani says you felt awful. Komolika requests that she stay silent. She asks Prerna once more. Prerna says I got a hunch. Shivani supposes they are battling, how would I stop them. Anupam comes. Komolika says Prerna. she has sent you here, right, I m beyond any doubt, she is a liar. Anupam asks who Prerna, we have come to work, not talk. Shivani says see such a significant number of gems under the bed. Komolika asks how could it come here, how is that a major ordeal. Anupam says give me a receipt. Komolika says its endowments, father has gotten it for me. Anupam says call your father and get it. Komolika goes.

Anupam says she needs to disturb us. Prerna says where there is a will, there is a way. They search for keys. Komolika asks Mohini how might I get the receipt for gems. Mohini says it is not savvy to battle them, think with a quiet personality, we need to deal with it. Dubey says I have addressed IT, magistrate, he is requesting 10-15 mins. Chobey calls Komolika and says I have conversed with the local govt, they will stop the assault soon. Komolika says thanks to him. She says everything will get fine. Chobey says I would prefer not to see my girl in a bad position, Dubey you ought to dependably give me the telephone when she calls. Dubey says sorry.

Prerna says quit talking, let me locate the key. Anupam says I will go out and keep an eye. Prerna finds the keys and gets cheerful. Nivedita requests that chief go to Anurag immediately and make her discussion to him. Anurag says I m in the meeting. The man says sorry, its Nivedita accessible if the need arises. Nivedita and Komolika ask Anurag where is he. He says sorry, I was occupied in the meeting. Komolika says there is a strike in our home, they said we have an unlawful shell organization. He says let them look for it, simply left it alone. She says sorry, I can’t endure it. He says don’t let me know, you took this on your self-image.

She says return home. Mohini says leave your work and get back home at this point. He concurs. Komolika says let me watch out for them, they may take costly things. Prerna opens the pantry. Anupam requests that she take every necessary step quick. He sees Komolika coming. Shivani goes to stop Komolika and tumbles down the stairs. She says Komolika attempted to murder me, I was getting verification against her, she pushed me. She stresses that Mohini can recognize her. She says it’s fine, assault officers don’t shake hands, you can assist me with a glass of haldi milk. Komolika gets out worker. Shivani asks Komolika to make the haldi milk for her. Mohini sends Komolika.

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