Kasautii Zindagii Kay 29 May 2019 Written Update – Komolika Faces Death

Written Update: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 29 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Komolika soliciting Prerna is she imagining from Anurag. She says you are going to kick the bucket today, your fantasy won’t finish. She suffocates Prerna. She says Anurag and everybody will be cheerful after you bite the dust. ACP says they aren’t noting the call. He calls Veena and says Komolika has fled, she won’t stay silent, we educated Chobey too, I think Komolika is after Prerna, Anurag’s telephone is inaccessible, endeavor to illuminate them. Veena says I will illuminate them, much obliged.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 29 May 2019

She says Komolika has fled and will deliver retribution on Prerna. Shivani says don’t stress, I will call them. Veena asks. ACP says I didn’t see such a young lady, she is so excellent, however tricky and hazardous. Constable says Komolika is excellent, she didn’t endure that Anurag didn’t see her excellence in front of Prerna’s honesty. ACP says we need to caption everything. Komolika says I didn’t detest anybody more than you, Prerna you need to pass on. She pushes Prerna down and yells pass on Prerna kick the bucket, nobody will come to spare you. Prerna hangs to the railing funnel.

Shivani says nobody is replying. Mohini asks Tapur to mastermind the cake on schedule. She requests that her go. She gets out Anurag and goes to his room. She sees Shivani’s approach his telephone. She answers. Veena asks Shivani to tell Mohini. Mohini says the gathering is going on, music is noisy here. Shivani says Komolika has gotten away from prison, she can go to your home whenever to deliver retribution. Mohini says I can’t hear you, call Prerna if there is anything earnest, don’t bother my child.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 29 May 2019

Shivani says she disengaged the call and didn’t hear me out. Veena says we will go there. Shivani says I will message Anurag, we need to contact them on the telephone to spare time. Mohini keeps Anurag’s telephone. Anurag clicks Tapur and Sahil’s pic. Komolika says everybody will dispose of you, Prerna leave. Prerna yells Anurag. Anurag turns and says Prerna. Komolika says nobody will come to spare your life. Prerna says Anurag will come. Anurag runs upstairs. He comes there and holds Prerna’s hand. Komolika says leave her, every one of your issues will end. Anurag says don’t leave my hand Prerna. Komolika says you didn’t merit me, you overlooked me for this shabby young lady. He gets Prerna up and embraces her. Komolika says bite the dust with her Anurag. She races to them and slips.

She falls and holds the pipe. He requests that she held her hand and says understand your oversight if it’s not too much trouble change for the great. She says you cherish me right. He says no, you aren’t in my heart, we aren’t made for each other, come up. He asks Prerna to proceed to call somebody for assistance. Komolika says I would have not seen you in the event that you saw me, your obliviousness made me difficult, I simply needed your adoration, would you be able to give me that affection, no right, at that point leave me, I won’t live, nothing can happen now, I m Nikka, I got what I needed, you constantly overlooked me, in the event that I lose you, everything is over for me. She chomps his hand and tumbles down. He yells Komolika. She tumbles down into the stream. Prerna looks stunned.

He says I couldn’t spare her. She embraces him. They cry. Sahil’s auntie comes to everybody and says I saw there, Komolika and Prerna were battling, she pushes Prerna down. Anurag spared Prerna, however, Komolika descended and fell into the waterway, we need to spare her, else Anurag will get accused of her homicide. Everybody is stunned. Anurag asks do you figure she can swim and turn out. Prerna says I don’t have the foggiest idea. He says possibly I can spare her. He runs the first floor and out of the house. Prerna pursues him. Everybody surges out. Anurag goes to the ghat. Anurag yells Komolika and bounces into the waterway. Prerna yells Anurag, Komolika. Anurag turns out.

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