Kasautii Zindagii Kay 27 August 2019 Episode Written Update – Lawyer asks Maasi about Veena

Written Update: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 27 August 2019 Episode Written Update on starsofworld.com

Prerna asks would you be able to demonstrate my mum is guiltless. Attorney says truly, in all respects effectively, she will get bail and return home. Prerna expresses gratitude toward him. She turns and sees Anurag. Chahat ke safar mein plays. They think about their minutes. Anurag says you left me for those individuals, leave them, they aren’t great individuals for your family, anyway I have come, you can call me on the off chance that you need assistance, I will feel better on the off chance that I can help Veena, I addressed a legal advisor, he can deal with it.

Prerna says its Veena and Maasi, they are my family, I know taking care of them. He races to stop her. He says you are indicating me demeanor, demonstrate this frame of mind and mental fortitude to Bajaj’s family, guide them to take the case back, you will realize the amount they esteem you, not every person on the planet is great, you know your place in my heart.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 27 August 2019 Episode

Tapur says you aren’t giving personal time, none thinks about me. Nivedita says sorry, converse with me. Tapur says Sahil went to the UK, everybody is occupied here, I m thinking to go to the inn. Nivedita says we are attempting to make sense of it, don’t go, mum remains cheerful when you are here, I have much work. Anupam comes. She asks where were you. Anupam says I went to pick Anurag. She says he would have broken the business bargain, you spruce up.

Tanvi comes to Mr. Bajaj and converses with him. She says you never allowed me to talk, I will impart it to you, you have an x-factor, which I like a ton, my companions request your number moreover. Specialist comes. She says you frightened me, did you converse with a senior specialist. He says truly, he said Mr. Bajaj can get cognizant whenever we need to give him extraordinary infusions to make him cognizant, do you need us this, I will converse with his significant other. She says I will converse with Prerna and let you know.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 27 August 2019 Episode

Prerna says no, Mohini accused Veena of robbery and put her in prison, Veena was guiltless, it was past the point of no return, for this situation, its only a misconception, Maasi has no ill will with me, she did this for her child’s adoration, I don’t need your assistance. He says I will contract the most elite legal counselor and help Veena like the last time, you know it, I can change this game. She asks how could you know this. Nivedita comes. Anurag says I went to police headquarters to meet Veena, I left my London meeting to spare her, don’t stress, I have no expectation from you, you need to hold my hand, I have the arrangement.

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