Kasautii Zindagii Kay 26 April 2019 Written Update – Komolika Gets Revengeful

Written Update: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 26 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Anurag and Komolika contending. She requests that he stop it and be in her place to see that she is right. He says possibly, alright fine, I m sorry, your head is throbbing right, I will make a solid espresso for you, confide in me, you will feel good. He goes. She gets furious. He supposes one day I will make you pay for your deeds, you demolished our lives in view of your self image, that time I will ask you and you will answer me. Anurag comes and asks Prerna how is her foot now. She says awful news, I m fine.

He asks her is she irate, what is she finding. She contends with him. He says you battle with me a ton. She says at any rate I don’t phony play with you. He gets the case. She says not this one, give that crate, I discovered you adorable previously, presently I know you, you are zero in my eyes. He reviews their minute. He gets the flour box and drops it accidentally. She chuckles seeing him. He takes a gander at her and grins. She says I couldn’t care less for your inclination. He asks her not to incite him. She ridicules him and giggles. He requests that her pause and watch what he can do. He asks her not to chuckle and takes the flour to toss at her. Maine khwabo mein plays.

She additionally tosses flour at him. He says enough. They play with the flour. She gets the red bean stew powder. He tosses the crate and asks are you frantic, don’t you give it a second thought whether it falls on me, it will consume my eyes. She says I couldn’t care less. He says you do mind, you are lying, fine close your eyes. He draws near and cleans the flour from her face. Komolika says this is sentimental, its an embellished room and an excellent spouse, what can be increasingly lovely for Anurag, where did he go. She searches for him. He says you said you couldn’t care less, I m zero, let me know. Prerna swings to go. He says investigate my eyes and states it, you couldn’t care less.

She says I have come here to deliver retribution on you, not to think about you. He embraces her. Anupam comes there and takes a gander at them. He says love winged creatures, get isolated, else anybody can see. Anurag leaves Prerna. She goes. Anupam grins and comes to Anurag. He says I think you are playing holi with flour here, I will likewise play a few, I m additionally appreciating the occasion. Komolika chances upon Prerna and asks what’s this, what did you apply, you have ruined the house, are you originating from kitchen, presently I get it, so you are doing this to draw near to Anurag, you would have requested that he get flour box and after that played with flour, isn’t this your shoddy thoughts, answer me. Prerna inquires as to for what reason will I answer, you would have effectively made this story as the main priority, you should awe Anurag to win him, I can see that. Komolika says I realize you need me and Anurag to battle. Prerna says what connection do you have, you both are remaining in various rooms, everybody knows I m Anurag’s significant other.

Komolika says I won’t come in your words, its great Anurag didn’t come in your device, its great that he doesn’t lament that he sold your adoration for cash, I m going to kitchen, he said he will get an espresso for me, I will go to him and embrace him first, and afterward I will kiss him and afterward we will have espresso and talk, I have enlivened the room impractically, at that point we will sentiment. She goes. She hears Anurag and Anupam talking in the kitchen. Anurag says I m not annoyed with Prerna. She supposes Prerna isn’t demon to him. She grins hearing him. Anurag says I m making espresso for Komolika. Anupam says I thought you are making this for Prerna to influence her to understand your adoration. Anurag says honestly, my adoration for Prerna doesn’t cover up. Komolika gets stunned.

Prerna gets spruce up. She considers Anurag and thinks his eyes has the truth, similar to genuine romance. Anupam says you embraced her after quite a while. Anurag says I felt to keep her nearby dependably, I wish that she generally remains before my eyes, I believed I should make Prerna away however I fizzled, my pulses… I can deal with things, I adapted, yet when she approached, I couldn’t control. Komolika gets furious hearing him. Anurag says this time, my heart didn’t tune in to anybody, I believed I lost all detect, we were so close, I m so furiously. Anupam inquires as to why.

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