Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25 November 2019 Episode Written Update – Sonalika is Komolika?

Written Update: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25 November 2019 Episode Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Prerna saying I disclosed to Anurag that my significant other isn’t here, yet I m sure that he will return soon. Anurag says a great night and leaves. Veena sees Prerna. Prerna says I m fine. Veena embraces her. Komolika considers Prerna. She says Anurag spared you, however, you won’t get spared from me always, for what reason didn’t Anurag return, I dislike this, he is getting pulled in to Prerna, no, this can’t occur, he ought to be near me, yet he is with Prerna. She says Prerna doesn’t get me so irritated that you lose your life and Anurag, both.

Prerna gets up and drinks water. Shivani asks what occurred. Prerna says I m not ready to overlook Sonalika. Shivani says indeed, what verification do you need now, why not tune in. Prerna says we need to accumulate evidence, in the event that we confirm that Ronit and Sonalika are kin. Shivani says I know Ronit’s home. Prerna says we will go there and get verification to uncover Sonalika.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25 November 2019

Its morning, they go to Ronit’s home. They see Ronit locking the entryway and going. Prerna asks do you have his landline number. Shivani inquires as to why. Prerna approaches the landline. He returns and opens the entryway. He goes in. Prerna says I realized he will answer the landline, accompany me. They go inside the house. He sits and answers the call.

Prerna detaches. He says would father, Mishka approach landline, at any rate, I m getting late. Prerna and Shivani get inside while he picks the keys. He leaves his telephone there. He goes. They see Sonalika’s call. Shivani says its secret phrase secured. Shivani says I will attempt Sonalika’s birthdate. Prerna says no, put your birthdate. She takes the telephone and enters the stick.

Ronit says I overlooked my telephone. Prerna opens the telephone and says check it quick. They hear Ronit coming. Ronit opens the entryway. Prerna and Shivani cover-up. He searches for his telephone. His telephone rings. Prerna and Shivani stress. Shivani drops a jar. He goes to the opposite side. They keep the telephone there and surge upstairs. He gets his telephone. He gets frightened when the telephone rings once more. He answers the call.

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