Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update – Mohini says Sorry to Prerna

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He asks Prerna to get Nivedita and discover what occurred. Dadi asks what occurred. Suman says Mohini’s accessory is stolen, she supposes we have it. Prerna says it’s ringing, pause. Anurag says I will simply come. Mohini says don’t accept work calls. He says its Prerna’s call. She says then ask her, did she get neckband. Prerna says I have called Nivedita. Nivedita says sorry, the telephone was on quiet.

Prerna says Nivedita requested that mum check the endowments. He says I know Veena doesn’t have it, mum has a misconception. Veena puts the telephone on speaker. Mohini says advise her to send a pic of the gems, my memory isn’t so powerless, ask her, I might be correct moreover. Veena and everybody hears Mohini yelling. Veena says I will send the pic to her. Suman asks did they hear it, Mohini is questioning on mum.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25 June 2019 Episode

Veena checks the gems box and gets stunned. Veena reviews Mohini giving the container. She yells Prerna. Nivedita asks Mohini to quiet down. Prerna says you realize mum can never do this. Anurag says I know this, mum doesn’t recollect where she had seen the accessory the last time when I demonstrate the pic to her, it will get clear, jewelry is guaranteed so police is called at home to guarantee protection, I will call later. Suman’s mum Sumitra says Veena ought to get regard from Mohini. Dadi says Sumitra is correct, send them the pic.

Veena says I have checked the container, this is a similar accessory which is missing from Mohini’s home. Shivani checks the entryway and sees the police. They all get stunned. Anurag asks is police here. Worker says no, the supervisor has come. Das/Rahil says I called you ordinarily. Anurag asks did you come here with office strain, there are numerous issues, we are sitting tight here for police.

Police overseer checks the accessory and says we were discovering this, Veena is the suspect. He demonstrates the jewelry pic to them. He captures Veena. They attempt to stop him. Nivedita says we will think that it’s later. Anurag says I can’t deal with the worry here. Nivedita asks Rahil what occurred. Anupam asks Anurag to quiet down. Anurag says don’t have a clue about what’s Veena thinking. Mohini says Anurag and Prerna can get isolated if Veena prevents her little girl from the marriage, Veena will help me now, she is glad for her regard, this will demolish her little girl’s bliss. Shekhar says Veena is honest, stop it. Veena cries and sees the neighbors gazing.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25 June 2019 Episode

Dadi requests that the neighbors go. Shekhar and Prerna leave. Nivedita says I need to tell Anurag, you are advising this to me now. Rahil says Anurag definitely knows this, we will get caught in a terrible circumstance, Mr. Bajaj is after this. She asks who is this Mr. Bajaj. Mr. Bajaj plays cards game with somebody. The man says I will win this game. Mr. Bajaj wagers all and requests that he appears. The man says grieved, game over from my side, done, bargain. Everybody applauds. Mr. Bajaj is at some school of the executives.

Mr. Bajaj says one whose destiny is great doesn’t win, one who knows to win just wins. Everybody applauds him. The man says however you had great cards, so you have won. Mr. Roy demonstrates his cards. Mr. Bajaj demonstrates his cards. Mr. Roy looks on and says your cards were awful, and still, after all, that you had wagered every one of the chips, you could have lost everything, didn’t you get apprehensive.

Mr. Bajaj says for what reason would I be apprehensive in the event that I had put everything on stake. Veena is placed in lockup. Shekhar, Shivani, and Prerna converse with the auditor. Prerna asks how might we get mum out. Auditor says there is one way if Mohini pulls back the case. She says fine, I will call Anurag and converse with Mohini. She asks would we be able to meet mum. Assessor says fine, all of you go one by one. Prerna cries seeing Veena.

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