Kasautii Zindagii Kay 24 June 2019 Written Update – She Gets Arrested & Prerna Shouts

Written Update: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 24 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Mohini cleaning her room and keeping her bangles in her cabinet. She tallies the gems boxes and yells Nivedita. Nivedita and Anupam ask what occurred. Mohini says the genealogical accessory, which Moloy gave me, did you take it. Nivedita says no, what occurred. Mohini says it got stolen. Anupam says it would be in storage. Mohini says no, I checked well, it can’t get stolen.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 24 June 2019

She yells to hirelings. She blows up on him. Nivedita asks her not to blame them. Anupam says we can discover it by CCTV camera. Mohini says my room doesn’t have a camera. He says indeed, however, it’s in each hallway, we can realize who went to your room. They go to check the recording. They see Veena going into the room and after that leaving. Mohini says I don’t get it, Veena accompanied me, she needed the lightweight set, she was seeing adornments, she picked what she needed and went with a crate, at that point.

I went to the washroom and advised all her the crates in the organizer, possibly she kept it elsewhere. They go to check. Shivani sees Prerna and prods her. Prerna asks what did I mumble during the evening, let me know. Shivani says you were making terrible bizarre sounds. Prerna asks what. Shivani signs about kisses. Prerna says no, it’s conceivable, Anurag didn’t come in my fantasy. Shivani says I didn’t name Anurag. Prerna pursues her. Veena comes and asks what’s going on. Prerna says she was prodding me.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 24 June 2019

Shivani asks what did I say. Veena says to prepare and takes Dadi to the sanctuary. Mohini says I will check it once more. She checks all the crates. She gets the case and embraces. Nivedita says I disclosed to you will get it, see. Mohini cries and opens it. She sees some other neckband in it and shows them. Nivedita says its that neckband which mum provided for Veena. Mohini says Veena has stolen that accessory. She falls back. They hold Mohini and request that her quiet down. Nivedita says I will converse with her. Mohini says I need that neckband, Anurag…

Nivedita goes to call Anurag. Mohini wipes tears and says Nivedita couldn’t understand that I m completing a dramatization. She asked Veena to pass her telephone. She goes to her pantry and swaps the accessories. Veena gives her telephone. Mohini requests that she take gems. She gives a little box and says it’s for Sharma. Veena goes. FB closes. Mohini says you perceive how I ruin you.

Prerna says Shivani prods me. Anurag grins. He says I can’t think everything is getting fine. She says at long last, we will join together. He says indeed, at last. Shivani comes and hears them. Prerna says we have experienced a great deal, we will wed at this point. He says I can’t express my satisfaction. Nivedita comes and says accompany me, mother’s tribal neckband is missing, she nearly swooned. He says Prerna, I will call you later. He goes. Prerna asks Shivani are you here to hear my discussion.

Shivani jokes. She says it’s great you are wedding Anurag, I will prod you, I m Anurag’s Saali now. Prerna requests that she get back home and offer Mohini. Shivani says no ways and goes. Prerna smiles. Mohini hears Anurag coming and cries. He asks what occurred. She says Veena has stolen genealogical neckband, it’s your Dadi’s favor for me, I asked Veena, she can’t, I needed to offer it to Prerna. He says you are thinking a ton. Anupam requests that her beverage lemon water. Anurag checks boxes.

Mohini asks aren’t you trusting me, I will demonstrate that Veena has stolen it. He says its not at all like that. Mr. Bajaj picks the document and checks. He sees one pic missing and tosses the document. Anurag says sorry, I can’t trust Veena can do this, I know her, that family is extraordinary, cash and property don’t make a difference to them, they despise lies and duping, when I used to go there in youth and play, she used to ask me not to cheat ever, Veena can never do this, reconsider, possibly you offered it to any other individual.

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