Kasautii Zindagii Kay 22nd Sep 2020: Episode Written Update, I do think about Kaushik!

Written Update: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 22nd Sep 2020 Episode.

Kaushik goes to Kuki and says I did this since I love you. Monu says he didn’t wish to do this, I coerced him, my companion was discouraged, he needed to end it all, I asked Kaushik to take the papers, I did cheating, I had the papers duplicate, Kaushik needs to support you, he is blameworthy, I m the genuine offender, I did this. Kaushik says sorry. Kuki requests that he leave.

Anurag comes and requests that he return home. He says I have educated your mother, you better go to the US. Prerna says don’t do this. She takes Anurag aside. She says I don’t have the foggiest idea whether you know, wouldn’t you be able to see, they love one another. Anurag asks what. He sees Kaushik and Kuki.

He asks how would you know. She says I can see it, you take a gander at them, Kaushik did that for affection. He figures as I did that for affection. She says Kuki will understand Kaushik’s expectations, they are enamored. He says we had love between us. She thinks I wish you did that for affection. He thinks it was for adoration, I did that to keep you alive, to guard my little girl.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 22nd Sep 2020

Prerna reviews their minutes. She gets Mr. Bajaj’s call and says indeed, we are coming. She requests that Kuki come. She goes. Anurag thinks I wish I could get some information about Sneha, you will think I need to hurt her. Samidha thinks about Komolika’s words. Anupam calls Nivedita. She says there isn’t anything between us, how could he calls me, he broke our connection, and still, after all, that he is calling me.

Anurag, Komolika, and Kaushik get back home. Anurag inquires as to why this consideration and concern. Komolika thinks I need to show worry to get Kaushik on my side. She says no utilization to let you know, you think I m wrong, you think I m a terrible individual, I can’t see anything than cash and force, I do think about Kaushik. He says I know you for 8 years, your words aren’t correct, remain here, I have to talk. She goes.

She figures how can he realize that I m lying, you are concealing things from me, he is getting more brilliant. Anurag asks you love Kuki. Kaushik asks did Komolika let you know. Anurag inquires as to for what reason did you advise her, consider Monu, he is the offender, he acknowledged, you stood quiet, why, it’s wrong to help somebody wrong, it’s alright, I m upbeat since you upheld Kuki, realizing she is right, love causes us to do a ton.

Komolika thinks what are they talking. Anurag requests that he uphold Kuki. Kaushik gestures. Anurag requests that he call Kuki and state sorry. Kaushik goes. Anurag figures genuine romance can never lose, his story will never become like our own.

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