Kasautii Zindagii Kay 22 April 2019 Written Update – Anurag Clears Komolika Doubt

Written Update: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 22 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Prerna seeing the video. Anurag says I need to wed you Komolika, so my future is brilliant and my business grows, I don’t love Prerna, I will dependably be steadfast for my connection, I know the influence of cash, we can purchase anything with cash, even love. She gets some information about Prerna. He says we people do commit errors, even I did botches, I had affections for Prerna, I will pick cash over Prerna. Prerna gets stunned. Komolika says its everything regarding cash, you are so absurd, odd, you are as yet crying, how would I let you know, Anurag is present mine, he was never yours, my cash is of him.

This was our arrangement, return home and play sindoor with Shivani, you can’t stand to purchase Anurag’s adoration, I have transformed Anurag into a business big shot, he got the representative honor as a result of me, remain far from us all, that is best for you, proceed to remain in your working class house. She leaves. Prerna cries. Komolika thinks its great I recorded Anurag and my discussion that day, I altered the recording and appeared with the goal that she feels that Anurag needed to tow me for cash. She reviews Prerna’s words and says was Anurag here the previous evening. She calls the chief Sanjay.

She asks did Anurag give his document to you yesterday, he is searching for it. He says no, he didn’t come office yesterday. She says yes right, I will search for it at home. She closes a call and says Anurag needs to answer me, did he truly come to meet Prerna. Shekhar says no legal advisor is taking our case, just Verma can support us, however, he lacks the capacity to deal with us, he charges one lakh for 60 minutes, we can’t manage the cost of him. Veena cries and says by what method will we free Prerna, she was simply battling for her rights. Shekhar gets water for her.

Veena says I m in charge of this, I approached her to proceed to battle for her rights, I ought to have revealed to her that ladies are intended to tolerate cheat and torment. She chides Shekhar for not finding a legal counselor for Prerna. He says it won’t be great on the off chance that you fall feeble, don’t cry, we will accomplish something, somebody will help Prerna. Ravi Verma gets back home. He says I might want to battle Prerna’s case on the off chance that you grant. Shekhar says we can’t manage the cost of the expenses. Verma says don’t stress, I don’t do practically everything for cash. Veena expresses gratitude toward him.

He says we don’t have time, come. They leave. Tapur and Mohini have a discussion. Mohini requests that her return home. Tapur says I need to complete my investigations. Nivedita says we have our arrangements. Mohini says desire lunch. Komolika comes and asks where is Anurag. Tapur says he went to Nivedita’s room. Komolika goes. Anupam considers legal advisor, or that Anurag met Prerna. Anurag supposes I can’t go to court. Komolika asks Anurag for what good reason did he do this. He reviews of slapping her. She asks how might you do this, you figured I don’t know. He supposes goodness, she discovered that I contracted a legal advisor for Prerna.

She says you are doing what you need. He says I was in the workplace and Verma requested that I meet, I thought of giving an incomprehensible case to him to test him. She says don’t lie, you were not at the office, you went to meet Prerna. He says graciously that thing, I will let you know. She says Prerna disclosed to me you embraced her and revealed to her that you cherish her. He says run of the mill Prerna, she is an opportune spot, on the off chance that I truly needed to embrace Prerna, would I do this by getting her captured, on the off chance that it was valid, I would have disclosed to you that I like her, she would have been here in my room in the event that I needed to embrace her.

Prerna controls you effectively, for what reason wouldn’t you be able to see it, she needs to make contrasts between us, she is effectively playing diversions with you, you simply question me, goodness. She says Sanjay disclosed to me that you went poorly, Prerna said you met her, let me know whether you have some other story. He says what lie, I didn’t state I didn’t meet Prerna, I went to meet her to demonstrate her place, she is zero, she makes no difference to me. He reviews his minute with Prerna. Verma requests that driver drive quick, else Prerna won’t get the safeguard today. The vehicle stalls. Verma asks him to self begin once more. He says to get the vehicle fixed and come to court.

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