Kasautii Zindagii Kay 21 June 2019 Written Update – Mr. Bajaj thinks Anurag will know why?

Written Update: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 21 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Mr. Bajaj says even awful exposure is a delight unto its own if it’s not too much trouble drink it. Anurag asks what do you need from me. Mr. Bajaj says I m inspired with Basu distributions since the occasions your father used to run it, your father is amazing. Anurag asks what do you need. Mr. Bajaj says I need to demolish it. Anurag says enough, don’t you dare say that you need to confront me first.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 21 June 2019

Mr. Bajaj says take a stab at considering business to be the same old thing, aside from business, you don’t have anything which I can grab from you. Prerna considers the new issue of Mr. Bajaj. Anurag says you won’t do this now, you have run over me, attempt everything you can yet I guarantee you, I will never give you a chance to win and appreciate.

Mr. Bajaj says I didn’t think to do anything yet, one can meet me on the off chance that I need, you are meeting me as I needed this, you got all my data since I sent it to you, you sat idle with that futile investigator, its my game, I compose the guidelines and I win. Anurag says so its a game for you, fine at that point, the standards will change now, and the victor will change as well.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 21 June 2019

Mr. Bajaj says I didn’t pick up anything with the exception of winning. Anurag says I didn’t lose ever, I got what I needed. Mr. Bajaj says our initially meet is fascinating. Anurag says I won’t lose, I guarantee. Mr. Bajaj says lets see who wins and who loses. Anurag leaves. Anurag gets Prerna’s call and says I went poorly meet correspondent, however, to meet Mr. Bajaj, I didn’t wish you to stress, he is making numerous issues, I needed to realize who is he.

She asks who is he. He says he is a nauseating man, he is careless and supposes he is enchanting, I watched him, I think the matter is something individual as well. She says he has demolished Gujral’s organization market esteem and got it, I felt its expert, remember your identity, you are Anurag Basu, Moloy Basu’s child, you can deal with anything, regardless of whether its Mr. Bajaj.

He expresses profound gratitude, I will talk later. Anurag thinks did Mr. Bajaj consume this pic or any other person, his eyes had outrage, I could see his anxiety, it appears as though he has worn some cover and sat before me, he is imagining, the individual is holing up behind that veil, I will expose him, he won’t succeed, there is one approach to vanquish him, to demolish his business.

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