Kasautii Zindagii Kay 18 September 2019 Episode Written Update – Inspector Comes to Arrest

Written Update: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 18 September 2019 Episode Written Update on starsofworld.com

The episode starts, Mr. Bajaj going to a work call. Kuki comes and embraces him. The parts of the bargains. She requests Prerna. He says she is occupied, your teddy got increasingly adorable, I comprehend, your state of mind is vexed, I will take you to class and afterward for a lengthy drive. She signs no. He says fine, so much outrage, come we will proceed to meet Prerna, you need to give me charge.

She kisses and embraces him. He says I have the best little girl on the planet. Anupam helps Moloy rest. Maasi and Tanvi stow away in the room. They check the pics. Maasi gets a Pendrive. She thinks this will be last source with the pics reinforcement, presently I have it, sorry Mohini, I m going to demolish this. Anupam says trust me, there is no reason to worry, we won’t leave Mr. Bajaj, once Anurag gets fine, I won’t let him get injured. Anupam leaves. Molly dozes.

Maasi and Tanvi turn out. Mohini sees them and asks what are you doing here. Maasi says we were discovering something. Mohini insults them. Tanvi says my ring is lost. They go. Mohini says I realize you are lying, I have no solidarity to manage you now. She goes to change. Moloy thinks I wish I could accomplish something for you, my family and Anurag.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 18 September 2019

Mr. Bajaj gets Kuki to Prerna. Kuki embraces Prerna. Mr. Bajaj says she didn’t wish to pause. Prerna says it’s great. Kuki holds Anurag’s face and hand. Specialist comes. Mr. Bajaj asks how is Anurag now. He says Anurag needed to get fine, every man is frightened of his significant other, Prerna admonished him and requested him to get fine. Prerna interferes.

The specialist says he heard you and returned from death, his better half got him back to life. Prerna says I m not his significant other, yet Mr. Bajaj’s significant other. Mr. Bajaj says she is Mrs. Bajaj. The specialist says sorry for that. Mohini comes to Moloy. She says we will rest now. Moloy sees her in stress. She says I know Anurag adores me a ton, he cherishes Prerna additionally.

I didn’t realize he cherishes Prerna the most, we were in medical clinic, Anurag didn’t hear my voice, he responded when Prerna called him, specialists are stating that his improvement is a direct result of Prerna, I don’t comprehend, he is increasingly associated with somebody, not me, don’t misjudge me, I m glad and appreciative to Prerna that Anurag got another life, however where am I wrong, Prerna and Anurag can never join together, what will I do, Prerna knows this, so she went to meet Anurag.

She didn’t do this that she adores Anurag, she did this to spare her better half so that Rishabh Bajaj gets spared from the law. Maasi asks Tanvi to erase all the Pendrive substance. She tears pics. Tanvi says you can do anything after Anurag gets fine. Maasi says I know Rishabh won’t show them out when Anurag is in this state. Tanvi inquires as to for what reason is the acting sweet.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 18 September 2019

Maasi says this is a result of Prerna, its occurrence all alone, you know Rishabh, he has a propensity to win, however, he simply lost. Tanvi says Anurag has whole Bajaj house and we simply have half. Maasi says he had come here to demolish Basu production and family, he met Prerna and left it, his genuine rationale was to destroy Basus, not wed Prerna.

Tanvi asks do you know the genuine purpose behind his retribution. Maasi dismisses and says no thought, really I need to rest, goodbye. Tanvi figures for what reason does Rishabh needs to destroy him, at this moment Prerna has turned into a reason. She goes. Maasi says I shouldn’t discuss this. Tanvi comes to Mr. Bajaj and says I thought you need to unwind. He expresses profound gratitude, I don’t drink with anybody, goodbye.

She says don’t censure yourself for your mishap. She embraces him and says I can’t see you tragic. He says Tanvi… and moves her away. She says Prerna is with Anurag, I feel so terrible, she is your significant other and realizes he is your adversary, you don’t merit this. He says kindly don’t utter a word about Prerna.

He proceeds to figure I ought to be furious on Prerna, for what reason am I shielding her, she is thinking about Anurag, for what reason am I feeling envious, something isn’t right with me, I don’t care for it, I need to concentrate on my work, this drama will make me frantic. Tanvi thinks if Rishabh carries on like this, I need to consider the mother’s thought regarding Anurag. Kuki signs Prerna.

She rests close to Anurag. The specialist says I think she adores Anurag a great deal. The medical caretaker says you don’t resemble her mum. Prerna says however I m her mum. Anupam comes and gets some information about Anurag. The specialist says he is resting, he will be fine till morning. The specialist asks Prerna to proceed to rest. Prerna says I m fine. Anupam requests that she proceed to rest.

She says Kuki. Anupam says I will take Kuki. Prerna says specialist, on the off chance that you need anything, call me. She goes. Maasi says I won’t let this issue turn out. Tanvi comes to advise her. Maasi says its uplifting news, Rishabh will get possessive and issues will increment if Prerna is with Anurag. Tanvi says for what reason did you inquire as to whether I like Anurag or not.

Maasi says I will let you know soon, I m making some arrangement. Tanvi says I need to know, what is it. Anupam carries Kuki to her room and makes her rest. He says I m sorry. Prerna inquires as to why. He says I addressed you severely today. She says no, relations matter, not words, those words said in outrage.

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