Kasautii Zindagii Kay 16 May 2019 Written Update – Vikrant Meets With An Accident

Written Update: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 16 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Anurag asking Prerna to open her eyes. He yells for assistance. He rubs Prerna’s hands and converses with her. Prerna says I m not ready to breathe. Anurag passes her mouth to mouth breath. She opens her eyes and sees him. He says it’s me. Nivedita opens the entryway and gets in. She asks what’s going on with you. They leave. Prerna takes a gander at herself in the mirror. Komolika says you generally needed to lose to me, proceed to advise everything to Anurag, I m his better half, he will hear me out.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 16 May 2019

He says you are absurd, I have proof against you and your father, you attempted to crash their stock qualities, I realize you completed Molloy’s mishap, I m going to come clean to Anurag, please time, I need to see your response. She says you won’t go. She takes the keys. He takes keys and says I m going to tell truth to Anurag. He drives off. She yells listen to Vicky.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 16 May 2019

Anurag asks what will I advise her, for what reason did I spare her. Prerna sees him and closes the entryway. She reviews him. She opens the entryway. He goes. The man says sorry, I can’t do this. She says I m not requesting that you murder Vikrant, however, to do his mishap, I will proceed to tell police how you executed Rajesh, you will take my name, fine I will utilize my father’s cash and control and get free. He says fine, I will do this once and for all. She says you will get cash and won’t have any inconvenience, simply proceed to stop Vikrant, I will message you.

She says Vikrant you like to behave recklessly, you can’t get spared from your passing. Prerna says it is possible that you adore me or you don’t, I need to know whether you are playing with me. Vikrant thinks Prerna needs to know how perilous is Komolika. Prerna supposes you can’t play with my heart, you need to concede that your marriage is phony. Vikrant stalls out in the jam. Komolika advises the man to accelerate and discover Vikrant’s vehicle, this is the main course. Prerna says you need to let me know with the goal that I can take some choice in my life.

Vikrant calls Prerna. The man calls Komolika and says I have come to. She says great, do your work and call me, I m close. Prerna answers and asks what occurred. Prerna says hear me out, its devil about Komolika, I need to meet you and Anurag. The man sees his vehicle and checks number. He calls Komolika and says the vehicle is before me. She says hit it. The truck pursues. Prerna says get back home, Anurag is likewise at home.

Vikrant says Komolika has arranged this. She says it’s just the same old thing new, what would you like to state. He says I will get back home and let you know, you will be stunned to know. Truck hits the vehicle. Vikrant loses the control on the vehicle and says what the heck, possibly the truck driver has hit me, he is tailing me, odd. Prerna stresses. Vikrant stops the vehicle and gets down. He kicks back and says express gratitude toward God, I will get back home and meet you. She says fine.

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