Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15 October 2019 Written Update – Consistently Bolster You

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15 October 2019

The episode begins, They rest. Its morning, Prerna awakens and sees Anurag alongside. He likewise awakens. He welcomes the morning. He says you were dozing here. She says indeed, I had a cerebral pain and took drugs, at that point I dozed. Anurag says I generally let you know, I will consistently bolster you, numerous individuals went back and forth, even Mr. Bajaj will before long leave, none can isolate us, you are not the only one.

She goes. He figures I don’t need you to question me, Mr. Bajaj tested me that he had made the assault on himself, indeed, I will demonstrate this to you Prerna. Komolika holds her face and says I need to see my face. She gets stunned seeing her face. She reviews Anurag. She yells and gets fierce. The specialist says your face was ruined, we gave you another face, you were in extreme lethargies for four months, you can’t respond this way, its not great, quiet down. She asks how could you and goes to hit him.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15 October 2019

Specialist requests that attendant call Komolika’s sibling. Ronit comes and gets out Komolika. She goes to see him. Mr. Bajaj comes to Anurag. Anurag says you isolated two sweethearts. Mr. Bajaj says my significant other is excluded in this. Anurag says I have thought a ton, for what reason did Prerna wed you, for what reason did she leave me, individuals censured her a great deal, and still, at the end of the day she didn’t tell anybody reality.

I know why she wedded you, there is no explanation, aside from one, I m that reason, she wedded you since I m more pixie to her than herself, she wedded you to keep my family sheltered, in light of the fact that she cherishes me, regardless she has affections for me. Mr. Bajaj blows up. Anurag says nobody will interfere with us. Ronit embraces Komolika. He says I can’t reveal to you how upbeat I m to see you. She asks what have they done to me, my face… nobody can remember me, not in any case father.

Ronit asks who is your father, he conned you, he thinks about his status, who would you like to remind by your old face, father had got you captured. She reviews her capture. Anurag inquires as to for what reason did she disclose to you that she adores me, since she cherishes me, she will always be unable to adore you, no compelling reason to make any accounts, since I took in reality, she didn’t wed you by her will, you constrained her to wed, you extorted her, this is reality. Ronit says I need to converse with her in private.

Specialist goes. Komolika says I couldn’t care less if the father doesn’t remember me, yet my affection Anurag. he can’t remember me, he should know I m Komolika. Ronit asks truly, Anurag had tossed you out of the house, he slapped you before everybody, you are fortunate that your life got spared, I m liable for your face change, it’s my choice.

Anurag says I feel embarrassed about myself, her life is demolished as a result of me, she has endured a great deal, she has never told anybody, yet not any longer, I let you know, Mata is here to end Mahishasur, you are that malicious. Mr. Bajaj grins. Anurag says with the assistance of innovation, you attempted to make my negative picture in Prerna’s brain, I became more acquainted with reality by this innovation, its unmistakably observed that you are extorting her, the whole truth.

Komolika says my face, everybody adored it. Ronit says nobody adored your face. She says I will murder you. He says you were just accused previously, you can exploit your new face, its a gift for you, it will shield you from the individuals who abhor you. Komolika says I need Prerna to realize that I m still alive. He says in the event that you need this, at that point fine, you can wed Anurag once more, in light of the fact that Anurag and Prerna aren’t as one, Prerna left Anurag and wedded Mr. Bajaj. She gets stunned.

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