Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15 May 2019 Written Update – Vikrant Threatens Komolika

Written Update: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Vikrant cautioning Komolika. She says I m Nika, I m not terrified of anything, do anything you need, I couldn’t care less. He says you are terrified, take a gander at yourself in the mirror, you have lost. Prerna does the guide to her neck. She sees Anurag at the entryway. He goes to her and does the guide. She expresses gratitude toward him. He inquires as to why much appreciated, I have done this for my family, individuals think you are a piece of this family, I helped you as you consider yourself my significant other. He goes.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15 May 2019

She supposes who are you, you care for me, are you the one whom I despise the most. Anurag sits outside and converses with the moon. He says its a wreck, Prerna and Komolika will think the equivalent, why I helped Prerna. Prerna considers Anurag and her adoration minutes. She converses with the moon. She says Anurag broke my trust, be that as it may, he generally underpins me. Komolika considers Anurag and says he constantly upheld Prerna, I will end everything now. She calls the legal counselor and says I instructed you to make Anurag’s property and resources papers. The legal advisor says its everything prepared, I can return home to get Anurag’s sign.

She says simply do what I stated, I will choose how to get Anurag’s sign, I m coming to meet you tomorrow. Nivedita says I m feeling glad that Anurag is my sibling, he is a genuine man, he knows the demon of lady’s regard, he was taking represents a young lady, not simply Prerna, I m simply upbeat. Anupam grins and supposes she is likewise understanding that Anurag and Prerna are correct. She asks what occurred, for what reason are you grinning. He says I feel fortunate that you are with me, you get irate yet comprehend things too.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15 May 2019

She says I additionally feel that you aren’t so terrible, I feel you are fortunate to get me, I likewise feel fortunate that you are with me, just once in a while. They grin. She goes to change. He falls on the bed. Anurag asks Moloy to have syrup. Prerna comes. The attendant says Moloy isn’t taking drugs. Anurag says you need to take medication. Prerna says I have lost my father, get fine soon and favor me, I need my Kaka Babu and Papa back. She encourages him the syrup. Prerna expresses gratitude toward him. Anurag goes. The medical caretaker says Moloy got rashes on his back. Prerna says I will get a water bed for him. She goes.

Anurag sees Komolika and asks where are you going. She says you figure I will answer you. She goes. Anurag says I bolstered Prerna, I m beyond any doubt Komolika is disturbed, she will accomplish something. Anupam says she will render retribution, be prepared for the tempest. Prerna goes to the storeroom. She gets frightened and yells for assistance. Anurag hears her shout and comes there. She gets frightened and embraces him. He says unwind, I m here. She says get me out of here. He requests that she come. He finds the entryway stuck and says don’t stress, it will open. She gets bleary-eyed. He says we will go out soon. He stresses seeing her. Vikrant sees Komolika going to a legal counselor.

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