Kasautii Zindagii Kay 13 May 2019 Written Update – Anurag Wants To Defend Prerna

Written Update: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 13 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with women talking that Anurag is fouling up to help Prerna. Mohini cries. Komolika says it’s your slip-up too, you said Anurag and Prerna are simply companions, not that they adore one another, sorry, yet you flopped as a mother. Nivedita says dislike that. Mohini says she is correct, I guaranteed to make Prerna out, the house regard is most pixie to me, we need to toss out Prerna from Basu house, she has crossed every one of the points of confinement and recolored our family regard, I can’t endure her in the house, Prerna Sharma won’t remain in this house.

Komolika gestures. She believes that Mohini remains on her words and kicks out Prerna. Prerna stops Anurag and asks do you confide in me. He says I confide in you, I constantly harmed you, and still, at the end of the day I totally trust you, I can’t endure in the event that anybody focuses finger at you, what I m going to do presently is a demon. He goes. Sahil’s father says we are grieved. Sahil’s mum says we would prefer not to take this collusion ahead, Prerna and Vikrant have approached.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 13 May 2019

Komolika begins her show and says it’s not Tapur and Sahil’s slip-up, for what reason will we break their hearts, Mohini said she will toss Prerna out of this house. Vikrant comes in the gathering. Sahil and his father approach him and reprimand him. Vikrant says I didn’t do anything. Sahil says simply left it alone, you have fallen in my eyes. Vikrant sees Komolika grinning and supposes you are getting a charge out of this site. She inquires as to for what reason did you do this, Vikrant you ought to have thought of Tapur, Sahil, and furthermore Molloy’s defenseless state.

The server signs her to come and meet him. She goes. Anupam says you have made the best decision, Komolika’s uncertainty will transform into the conviction that you are with Prerna. Anurag says I couldn’t care less in the event that she comprehends, I can’t chance Prerna’s regard, enough, I have remained quiet till now, yet not any longer, its about Prerna’s character, I know Prerna is solid however I m with her, I will demonstrate her guiltlessness, you will support me.

Komolika asks the server what does he need. He says I didn’t know your arrangement, when you become this house bahu, increment my installment. She asks are you coercing me. He compromises her. She chides him and says I won’t sit around idly on you, you will get twofold cash, go now, I will toss Prerna out. Visitors need to leave. Anurag stops them. Vikrant’s mum asks how might he stop the visitors. Anurag says a major wrongdoing has occurred here, a young lady’s character is recolored for reasons unknown, I don’t need you to return home with a wrong sentiment, you have seen only a story, however not its various points, you have appeared one edge of the story, perhaps somebody has intentionally done this. The server looks on.

Moloy thinks Komolika or any other individual can’t separate Anurag and Prerna, they have genuine affection between them. Anurag says I went to Prerna’s room and saw live camera there, you didn’t figure how completed a live camera come in the room, simply think it was done and appeared at planning, is this an incident. The man says we comprehend, you are stating this as the commitment is breaking. Anurag says sorry, on the off chance that you keep such reasoning, at that point its better that this coalition breaks, trust is demon between two families.

The man says perhaps they are lying that their beverages were spiked, we have no opportunity to squander. Anurag says allow me to spare a young lady’s regard. The women consent to Anurag and state we need to discover who doesn’t need this collusion to shape. Anupam says the individual who needs to affront Prerna. Anurag says yes. Komolika stresses that police may come. Anurag signs Prerna. They grin. Komolika takes him along. Mohini, Nivedita, and Tapur have a discussion. Tapur says possibly somebody truly needs to mortify Anurag. Mohini goes to reprove Prerna for controlling Anurag.

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