Kasautii Zindagii Kay 12 September 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini Cries for Anurag

Written Update: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 12 September 2019 Written Episode Update on starsofworld.com

The episode begins with Mr. Bajaj saying I have done the mishap, I have seen Anurag before the vehicle. Prerna asks how might you do this purposefully. He says mishaps don’t occur deliberately, murders happen purposefully. She says it was a phony endeavor to execute Anurag. He says you are accusing me.

She says let me know, for what reason didn’t you help Anurag, for what reason did you leave him like that. He says I needed to support him, yet. She says, be that as it may, you fled, Shivani was there, she has seen everything. Specialist inquires as to for what reason isn’t there any improvement. Shivani asks what occurred. The specialist says we need some relatives, somebody whom patient cherishes a ton, his better half or mother.

Shivani asks what occurred. The specialist says his life is in threat, he needs to get cognizant, call somebody whom he adores parcel. She says one Anurag adores, Prerna no she wedded Bajaj, what will I do, Kakinada. Nivedita says I feel Prerna is in charge of this. Anupam says we constrained Prerna to meet Bajaj. She says truly, we didn’t request that she leave Anurag.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 12 September 2019

Nivedita says I will have a hard time believing that she is blameless, she wedded Bajaj by her desire, she could have cannot, it’s great we didn’t get Anurag wedded to her, I had acknowledged her, I can’t confide in her. Shivani says Anurag adores his mum a great deal, in the event that she comes, he can get spared. She calls Mohini. Mohini asks when will they leave us.

She doesn’t reply. Shivani calls once more. Nivedita says Prerna won’t extra us, converse with Shivani. Mohini says perhaps Prerna needs assistance and needs us to enable, I to will offer them a response. She answers and puts on speaker. Shivani says I need your assistance. Mohini says I let you know, I won’t enable you to regardless of whether anybody is biting the dust. Shivani says don’t state this, Anurag met with a mishap, he is in ICU.

They get stunned. Shivani says specialist said Anurag needs somebody whom he cherishes, so I called you, he is in city clinic if you don’t mind come here. Mohini and Nivedita keep running from that point. Mohini leaves like a tempest, making things fall. Anupam asks what occurred. Nivedita says Anurag met with a mishap. Maasi looks on and considers Mr. Bajaj’s words. She believes was this another endeavor to slaughter Anurag.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 12 September 2019

Mr. Bajaj inquires as to for what reason do you think I needed to murder him. Prerna says you think despite everything he adores me, I will be harmed in the event that you hurt him, I swear I won’t let you hurt him. He says you sound like Anurag, I don’t care for Anurag, not as a result of you, let me clarify, I was speeding the vehicle, I was driving in displeasure.

Anurag was before my vehicle, he got hit, I had an inclination that I was in daze, when I came in faculties, it was late, the group encompassed my vehicle and I left, I halted my vehicle, I could hardly imagine how I left Anurag there, I returned to get him, he wasn’t there, somebody disclosed to me that a young lady took him.

I figured it would be Nivedita, I will never give clarification again, I got back home to clarify you, I didn’t wish to conceal this, I met Nivedita, she disregarded me, I thought Anurag is fine. Prerna says he isn’t fine, I heard his shout, he was conversing with me on the telephone, I kept running there and discovered that he is taken to the emergency clinic, he is in an awful state.

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