Kasautii Zindagii Kay 10 October 2019 Episode Written Update – The Goons Runaway

Written Update: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 10 October 2019 Episode Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Anurag taking a video of Prerna. Shivani requests that he go, she will record it. He goes. Mr. Bajaj says Prerna is my better half, I m your Jija. She says sorry. Anurag plays the dhol. Prerna reviews the old minute. Mr. Bajaj gets a dhol and plays. He hits the dance floor with Prerna. Anurag too starts the Dhunuchi move. They contend. Prerna looks on. The goons take Mr. Bajaj aside and toss the consuming coal on him. His garments burst into flames. The goons run away. Everybody gets stunned.

Mr. Bajaj brushes off the fire and goes out. Anupam and hireling put water on the rug and put off the fire. Mohini says nothing to freeze, perhaps their own issues, proceed. Anurag inquires as to for what reason did they do this with Mr. Bajaj. Shivani says perhaps Mr. Bajaj has hurt them moreover. Mr. Bajaj beats a goon. Maasi and Prerna come there. He inquires as to for what reason did you attempt to consume me, let me know, what’s your hostility, who sent you. The goon says I will let you know.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 10 October 2019

Mohini asks pandit to come early tomorrow. She asks is Moloy dozing. Anupam says yes. Tapur says this assault looks purposeful. Mohini says I know. Kaka asks Anurag did you do this, outrage can cause anybody to lose mind. Anurag says I won’t do this ever. He goes to go to a call. Mohini asks what was this. Kaka says Anurag arranged his very own mishap, I figured he did this, else who can do this. Veena says we will leave now. Anurag inquires as to why.

Shivani says Dadi hates Mr. Bajaj and went into another pandal, we need to go. He demands them to come and have nourishment. The goon says I was paid to do this, pardon me. Mr. Bajaj says you gave you cash. The goon says, Anurag. Mr. Bajaj requests that he go. Maasi inquires as to for what reason did you let him go. He says I would prefer not to make any issue, I guaranteed somebody that I won’t inconvenience Anurag. He goes. Maasi says what befell him, is there anything demon than life.

Prerna looks on. She converses with Veena accessible as needs are. She goes with Mr. Bajaj. Maasi and Tanvi are with Mr. Bajaj. Maasi does the guide. He says let Prerna do it, she is great at it. He takes a gander at Prerna. He attempts to hold her hand. Anurag sees them. He gets agitated. Mohini comes and says Anurag accompany me, you realize I don’t care for Prerna. Kumud comes to talk. Mohini says let me converse with my child.

Kumud says simply answer a certain something, how did Prerna wed in a rich family, I believe that man wedded her for bringing up his girl, Prerna would figure she will appreciate there. Anurag thinks and says Mr. Bajaj wedded Prerna for Kuki. He goes. Mohini says hear me out. He says I can’t quit conversing with Prerna, kindly, don’t anticipate this from me, sorry. He goes. Kumud says I thought he overlooked her, he is still after Prerna.

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