Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 9 July 2019 Written Update: Brad Pitt or Ranveer Singh?

Written Update: Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 9 July 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Sonakshi says it’s in my vehicle, my driver will get it. Veena gets some information about the scene. Sonakshi says I will let you know. Rohit says you don’t watch it, how can it matter. Sonakshi says I will let you know, Parvati picked Parag for Kavya, presently she discovers that he is Naag and we came to the sanctuary. Veena says I comprehended, he is here to get Naagmani, I don’t need it Rohit.

Vimmi watches the show and reveals to me the story. Rohit asks what’s this Icchadhaari Naag. Sonakshi says it implies a snake who can take anybody’s camouflage. He says he can progress toward becoming Amitabh, Brad Pitt or Ranveer Singh, he has moved toward becoming Parag and he is after Kavya. Veena says it’s their work, let them do. He says OK, don’t feel awful. Sonakshi says it’s alright, it’s intense to get this.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 9 July 2019

He says you do the medical procedure without a medicinal degree, it’s to an extreme. She says its a story to enhance things and turns, so watchers like it a ton, I feel it unusual, when you watch English shows and watch mythical beasts battling, you don’t bring up any issue, when we should this in Hindi shows, you question it a ton, numerous individuals like to fly planes, they long for it yet they can’t progress toward becoming pilots.

They moved toward becoming computer games and feel the enjoyment of flying a plane, same way, our shows reclaim the watchers to youth’s fragmented stories, it makes enchantment, watchers like it. Veena concurs. Sonakshi dries her hair. Rohit gazes at her. Sonakshi takes hot espresso.

Tanya questions Rohan. He says there was much traffic, enough, what’s the issue. She says the issue is with you. He says ask Deepa, she requested that I drop her at Akash’s eatery. He takes her consent and goes to have a shower. Rohit asks to what extent will you be this way. Sonakshi says throughout the night, its a night shoot, I can’t rest, I will sit tight for my shot here.

Veena inquires as to whether you need to time pass. Sonakshi says I will ponder. Rohit asks what do you read. She says I consider on the web, I began working when I was 12 years of age, I contemplated until the seventh standard, I m thinking to study and pass SSC test, it will be great. Veena grins. She says you are appropriate, there is no age to ponder, I m happy to know this, I m extremely glad for you. Sonakshi asks what occurred, any issue. Rohit says no, truth be told, noteworthy. Sonakshi giggles. She goes for the shot.

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