Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 8 July 2019 Written Update: Rohit Gets Impressed But Why?

Written Update: Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 8 July 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Suman conversing with Pari. Sonakshi gets back home. Pulkit says I was hanging tight for you, you didn’t eat, eat. Sonakshi likes the nourishment smell and approaches housekeeper to pack it for Netra. She asks Pulkit to come back to watch, a sequential number is enlisted on Rohit’s name. Pari asks how did Sumit get this. Sonakshi says don’t have any acquaintance with, it has a place with Rohit.

Pulkit says I feel regretful. He returns it. Suman says watch costs 8 lakhs. Sonakshi says truly, I will get new watch for Pulkit. Suman insults Sonakshi for paying attention to her Parvati picture. Sonakshi says you and father showed me the distinction among great and terrible. Sonakshi goes to her room. She gets injured. She plunks down. Pulkit gets sustenance for her.

He says mum made biryani with adoration, I helped her, mum has an old propensity, why do you pay attention to her. She cries and says I m tired, mother dependably insults me in the event that I do anything right, this watch is of Dr. Rohit, not our own, he is such a discourteous man, his mentality transformed, he mentioned me for this watch, possibly it makes a difference a ton to him, how am I wrong.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 8 July 2019

I can hear insults from pariahs, when mum insults frequently, I,,, He says you recollect what father used to state, life indicates various hues each minute, when in the event that we fall today,,. She says get up, walk and proceed onward, dull night demonstrates the location of the light. She grins. He says father’s sonnet trains us living even today, if father didn’t leave us abruptly, mum would have disliked this.

She says I realize father has harmed mum a ton, it doesn’t imply that she compares everything with cash. He nourishes her the sustenance. He says once I become a specialist, I can help you in sharing duty. She says pack the sustenance and offer it to me, I will have it at shoot, offer prescriptions to mum, she isn’t well. She loves the sustenance. He asks her to dependably be glad. Pari says sign this, I need to give creator’s last portion. Suman requests that her take Sonakshi’s sign. Sonakshi signs.

She says its a night move, I will get back home in the first part of the day. Pulkit gives tiffin for Sonakshi and Netra. She leaves. Pari asks Suman to see this. Suman figures were completed one missing check go. Veena asks where are you going, you are not fine. Rohit says I m going on Sonakshi’s shoot, she has my watch, unwind, I m not a child now. She says you blacked out there last time, there is no driver.

He says the driver is there. She says I m accompanying you. Vimmi gets dressed as Parvati. She says I will accompany you, I need to see the shooting. Does he ask along these lines? Veena asks in what manner will I go in the event that you go, supper isn’t prepared and served. Vimmi says I made everything prepared. Veena says I m mum, we are getting late. They go. Vimmi gets dismal.

Sonakshi is occupied on the set. The man clarifies her the scene. He says its downpour grouping, Parvati became acquainted with Kavya’s significant other’s Parag’s reality, so she is at the sanctuary. Sonakshi acts in the scene and yells on Parag. Rohit and Veena come there. Rohit says sit in the vehicle, I will get the watch. Veena says no, I will come and see the shoot. They see Sonakshi performing. The shot closures. Sonakshi sees Rohit and goes to him. Rohit takes a gander at her. She signs what and welcomes.

He inquires as to for what reason are you constantly after Lord. Sonakshi says I m happy to meet you. Veena expresses gratitude toward her. Sonakshi requests that they have lemon water. He says no need, give the watch, we will go. Veena says we will have it in the event that she is compelling. He says she just said once. Sonakshi is altogether soaked and feels cold. Rohit says we need to go, I have a football coordinate in the first part of the day. Rohit requests watch.

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