Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 4 July 2019 Written Update – Rohit Shows the newspaper to Sonakshi

Written Update: Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 4 July 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Sonakshi yelling on the associates. Netra asks what occurred. Sonakshi thinks about Rohit’s words and goes. Veena asks where is Rohit, reveal to me what’s the issue. Rohit comes. Veena asks are you fine, you have fever. She requests that he go to room, she will get drug box. Ajit says it will be fun at this point. Rohan says I will proceed to get Tanya.

Veena requests that workers get the things and drugs. She answers Simmi’s call and says Rohit has high fever, drop his arrangements, no more calls. Nishi gets out Rohan. Rohan asks Tanya to come, everybody is energized and is wagering, Rohit has fever. Tanya asks where were you. He inquires as to for what reason are you so uncertain about me. She says you make me uncertain. He says your mind makes you unreliable. She says indeed, you are immaculate. He says you will truly get insane.

He says your doubt will destroy our connection. Yash says Sonakshi was missing then her mum’s show, how did the watch get stolen, they never met occasion, by what method will she take his watch. Ajit asks how would you realize that they didn’t meet before occasion. Veena deals with Rohit. Naren asks what occurred. They all discussion about Rohit’s fever. Naren says Rohit can’t hold up under little fever. Nishi says we will met on Veena’s means. They wager on the things taken for Rohan. House keeper takes kada.

Nishi wagers on kada and wins. Tanya says you ought to be embarrassed to wager here. Ajit says mother dependably does this. Sonakshi says Rohit realizes he knows everything, stupid man, I didn’t know importance of haughtiness when he wasn’t there in my life. Veena says you got fine Rohit, put on something else and rest. She goes. Sonakshi says Sumit is here on sets, Rohit at the emergency clinic and. at the holding up region. Netra says what. Sonakshi considers Karan and says nothing, men has no information and hotshot little learning.

Rohit sees his watch. He says my life got muddled subsequent to meeting that frantic entertainer. Sonakshi says my life got chaotic subsequent to meeting that distraught specialist. The editorial manager checks the news post and sends for printing. Pulkit gets espresso for Sonakshi. She says he has desired a genuine discourse, I m not in a state of mind to talk about, lets see. He asks what happened the previous evening. She says I went to auto driver’s home. He says what before that, you felt suffocation in emergency clinic.

Sonakshi says indeed, it was so do discouraging and awkward. Pulkit says there are agreeable courses of action, and still, after all that you left. She says truly, I met Karan there. Rohan thinks about his watch. He says that is my watch, possibly that person got it some place or stolen it, I will recover my watch. He goes to Yash and says I m fine, I need Sonakshi’s location. Yash inquires as to why, would you like to kill her for an easily overlooked detail. Rohit says don’t joke, I will inform Nishi regarding your smoking. Yash says pause, I will message. He supposes how could he know this when I smoked just once.

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