Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Rohit shows the Newspaper to Sonakshi

Written Update: Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 3 July 2019 Written Episode Update on starsofworld.com

Suman meets her. Rohit asks is this privilege to vanish. Pulkit says mother got strained when we didn’t discover you. Suman says I was so stressed. Sonakshi says I m fine, Preeti was in this medical clinic, I remained back to meet her. She reviews Karan and says I wasn’t happy here. Sonakshi says medical caretaker isn’t to blame, I was ravenous and went out to have sustenance. Rohit says you didn’t care for our menu.

She says fine, the truth of the matter is I was feeling anxious here, I felt discouraged and went out to get some outside air, I met an auto driver who dropped me to the sets. She strolled out and about. The driver meets her and says I dropped you to the studio. He inquires as to for what reason are you here. She says I came to Sukhmani medical clinic. He asks did you have nourishment, come and have sustenance.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 3 July 2019

She says yet you are an auto driver. He says I work twofold move for my youngsters. FB closes. Rohit says you set aside much effort to eat that Bhurji. FB demonstrates Sonakshi preferring the Bhurji. Driver requests that she return home with him. FB closes. Suman asks how could you go with that driver. Sonakshi says truly, the needy individuals have enormous hearts, and rich individuals are so shallow.

FB indicates Sonakshi meeting the chawl individuals. Driver acquaints her with everybody. They click pics. FB closes. Sonakshi says they addressed me throughout the night, I didn’t charge the telephone, telephone got off, I revealed to Pulkit that I will remain here to meet Preeti. Pulkit says truly, however you were absent. Rohit asks truly folks, what’s this, you are unreliable, my family was here throughout the night, the police is here.

Nishi says she is fine, quiet down. Naren stops her. Sonakshi says sorry, I didn’t realize this would occur. Naren says we as a whole were stressed for you. Sonakshi says extremely heartbroken, all of you came here during the evening, a debt of gratitude is in order for helping my mum. Yash says you are sheltered, that is more pixie. The medical attendant says sorry. Sonakshi says it’s my misstep.

Rohit says you can utilize sorry at whatever point you like. Sonakshi says Dr. Rohit. He says heart specialist, your mum labeled me a heavy drinker, you can apologize to my family, not me. She says I m not saying ‘sorry’ to you if it’s not too much trouble given me a chance to meet Preeti, at that point I need to go to my shoot. Preeti meets Sonakshi and embraces her. Rohit comes and jokes.

Preeti safeguards Sonakshi. Sonakshi grins. Preeti says this is the specialist uncle I delineated for you. Sonakshi says Rohit… Preeti says truly, he is the person who restored me. Preeti says Parvati didi requested that I embrace Rohit and kiss him for her benefit, however, I didn’t the opportunity. She asks Sonakshi to kiss Rohit and say thanks to him. Preeti’s mum says sorry, she is a child.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 3 July 2019

Sonakshi says I should kiss Preeti, she is courageous. Preeti asks Sonakshi and Rohit to kiss her. They kiss Preeti. Rohit says we will hold her under perception for some more days. Sonakshi says I guaranteed and came to meet you. Pulkit says you are my good example, the circumstance is bizarre, however, I m happy to meet you, I m doing entry level position at a medical clinic, I need to turn into a specialist like you. Rohit says you and Sonakshi remain in a similar house, astonishing. Pulkit says she is satisfying my fantasies, she offers wings to others’ fantasies. Rohit sees Sonakshi. She comes to them. Rohit stops him and sees his watch.

Sonakshi says I offered it to him. Rohit says this watch was stolen. She says you are considering me a cheat. He says this watch has a place with me, expel it. Sonakshi says you have no sense, how could you. Suman says we are not poor, Sonakshi wins a great deal. Sonakshi says I got this watch as a blessing to me, its equivalent model watches, he has lost it. Rohit says this is a new watch, I can demonstrate it, that is my unique watch. Sonakshi goes with her family.

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