Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 27 August 2019 Episode Written Update – Veena says Sonakshi can do

Written Update: Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 27 August 2019 Episode Written Update on starsofworld.com

The episode begins, He proceeds to embrace Yash. Sonakshi grins. Rohit says we are gay accomplices, if it’s not too much trouble grin, remember, say this in the event that anybody inquires. Yash asks what. The woman says what happened to folks nowadays. Rohit pursues Sonakshi. They enter the women washroom. Sonakshi asks what are you doing in women washroom. He says sorry. She says I won’t support you. He says I need your assistance. She sees the women coming. She says on the off chance that they see us together, it will be an outrage, my picture let me think.

She stows away Rohit. They hear the women discussing Sonakshi. Rohit says simply state truly, else I will shot, it will be an embarrassment, everybody will know Sonakshi engages in extramarital relations. Sonakshi says calmly. The women talk further and acclaim Veena Sippy. They talk about Rohit, that he is an unhitched male, he has a major issue, so he isn’t a wedding, he is much attractive, it perhaps anything. Rohit says I don’t have any issue. Sonakshi says I will seek supper on the off chance that you stay silent.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 27 August 2019

He asks here or at supper. She says here, be peaceful. The women tattle and leave. Sonakshi says be here, I will take a quick trip and see. They leave. They contend about the way. Veena sees them and says they look so charming together, how sentimental. She sends Nishi the other way. Rohit expresses profound gratitude for saying indeed, its matter of a couple of months. Sonakshi says no, I can’t tolerate these moronic thoughts for long, what will I tell my mother, you realize the amount she cherishes you and your family, don’t advise anything to her.

I have three conditions, I m doing this supper thing just today, you enlighten the family regarding the separation in 10 days, do exclude me. He says 10 days are less. She says only your family will know this, not my family and media. He gestures. She says for the following 15 days, you will do what I state. He says concurred, will you desire supper today. She says yes. He expresses profound gratitude, you are the best. He embraces her and goes. She says there is in no way like that, I m helping my great companion, Veena was disturbed that day, Rohit doesn’t miss Raima yet love, perhaps I get to love his life as a companion.

Pari sees Rohan at the bistro. She takes espresso for him. He says sorry, I was occupied and didn’t take note. She says your name was declared at the counter, so I have the espresso for you. He says you here. She says I came to meet a model facilitator. He says complete your gathering, I will complete my gathering, at that point we will talk. She says sure. Sonakshi gets back home. Suman asks how was the occasion. Sonakshi says it was great, I need to go for supper. Suman says I thought to make Methi roti for you, welcome companions home, you should rest. Sonakshi says I m not going with companions, I m heading off to Sippy’s home, it’s their celebration, Rohit was demanding and Veena likewise constrained, I need to do. Suman says you may go, take some rest. Sonakshi expresses profound gratitude. She goes. Suman says I need to accomplish something, both my girls are drawing near to this family.

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