Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 26 June 2019 Episode Written Update – I will lose 6 lakhs

Written Update: Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 26 June 2019 Episode Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Rohit returning home and asking hireling not to enlighten his mum regarding it. He goes to change. He sees the sticker on watch and supposes it implies this isn’t my watch. Rohit gets a call from the watch store. The man says I called to affirm, your mum had requested a watch for you, I trust you like it, have a goodbye. Rohit goes to his mum. She sees him wearing the watch. He grins and says you were correct, I overlooked this in the clinic, much appreciated. She asks are you upbeat.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 26 June 2019

He says extremely glad, bless your heart. She says I truly cherish you, you are my fav child. He embraces her and says I adore you as well. Naren says everybody knows this. Rohit goes. Naren says Veena, you think a ton of times before purchasing little thing, you purchased a watch worth 8 lakhs for Rohit. She asks him not to get among mum and child. She says I know the estimation of this watch in his heart. She jokes and goes.

Rohit thinks about some young lady. He expels the watch and says I lost your last sign today, sorry. Sonakshi asks did the shoot get dropped. Netra says no, we will meet tomorrow, goodbye. She goes to Sumit’s vanity. He requests that her sit. She admonishes him.

She says Sonakshi had slapped me. She says she ought to have kicked you, you think nobody saw, cameras were on, everything is recorded, I have evidence, don’t act honest, don’t you know law, Sonakshi can document a case on you, she is quiet a result of this show, I recognize what to do, I m enduring your jabber due to this show, I have a tolerance limit, I pay for your vanity, I know your issues, I will tell it to your better half and media, at that point you begin looking for some kind of employment.

He stresses. She says I m beyond any doubt you got worn out up, rest now and go to my set toward the beginning of the day, have a decent night, remember to apologize to Sonakshi, don’t act up with Sonakshi and her staff. She goes.

Its morning, Sonakshi goes ahead the sets. Sumit welcomes her. Netra compliments her. Sonakshi asks what befell him, did you… Netra says simply chill, come. Sumit says I m sorry Sonakshi. Netra signs him. He contacts Sonakshi’s feet. She says its alright, this isn’t required. He says I got a present for you. She says no. He says I demand. He blessings her a watch and requests that her see it.

He says your time is running great, this watch will suit you. Sonakshi says its costly watch, I won’t take it. Netra says don’t restore the blessing, wear the watch, Sumit will understand his error. Sonakshi says I don’t need this. Netra says he can never purchase this, possibly he got this some place, he is harmed by doing this, come. Sonakshi says I need to go right on time for an occasion at clinic. She supposes to offer watch to her sibling.

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