Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 20 June 2019 Written Update – Rohit argues with her

Written Update: Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 20 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

He sees the house cleaner venerating and asks how is sanctuary chimes coming in the medical clinic. Sonakshi says huge lines on the screen. Rohit says perhaps a window is open so this breeze and leaves are coming in, for what reason is she turning thrice. Housekeeper goes to him irately.

He says alright, I just inquired. Sonakshi runs. He says if her significant other is so genuine, for what reason is she running so gradually, for what reason are you running along. Rohit sees the sensational scene where Parvati’s significant other kicks the bucket.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 20 June 2019

House cleaner gets stunned. Rohit looks on. Sonakshi as Parvati yells this is a falsehood. Rohit tallies and says Mimmi, three once more. Sonakshi asks who are you to state that you couldn’t spare my significant other, you are only a specialist, not Lord. Rohit gets up hearing this line.

Sonakshi/Parvati on screen says you don’t think little of the quality of a suhaagan. Hireling Hari beverages water when Rohit requests it. Parvati says I will spare my better half now, I will get him over from death, I will do his task now. Rohit grimaces and asks what, will she do activity now, who is this distraught lady, you work in a specialist’s family and accept such things.

Housekeeper says she is honored by Mata Rani, she will spare her significant other. Parvati goes inside OT. Hirelings sit asking and sitting in front of the television. Rohit pauses. Parvati evacuates the specialist’s outfit and turns out. She says take a quick trip and see specialist, your patient is breathing, I spared him, he is fine. Rohit asks did she go the task. Parvati says don’t tell any Suhaagan that you couldn’t her Suhaag.

Rohit asks what will he say, we sent your significant other on a cookout, sorry your better half is dead and we sent him to paradise. Servant says Jai Parvati ji. Rohit says to hold your hands down else I will fire you. The specialist says sorry and folds hands. Rohit asks specialists are revering her, is she any God. Parvati says see I spared you, get back home and do arrangements of Choti’s Sangeet.

Rohit asks in what manner will he do the sangeet, shouldn’t something be said about Post activity, does she not think about anesthesia impact going off, we should document a case and after that, they will gain proficiency with an exercise. Workers leave. Rohit says now this Kahani is finished. He blows up.

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