Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 6 April 2019 Written Update – Archie asks Veer to leave

Written Update: Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 6 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Brahmanand yelling I m the Lord, I m Brahmanand, all of you are my slaves, obey me, else you will get passing discipline, Veer slaughter every one of them, none of them ought to be alive. He goes to Veer. Archie goes to help Vandana. Brahmanand solicits Veer to slaughter all from them. Veer gets rankled and goes to assault Archie. He pushes Vandana. Archie asks Veer to abandon her, she is his significant other. Kashinaht goes to stop Veer. Veer pushes him. Revati proceeds to hit on Veer’s head. Veer pushes them. Archie endeavors to help Vandana. Brahmanand looks on. He requests that the goon slaughter the kid, no beneficiary of Lali ought to be alive.

Neeraj comes there and petitions symbol. He takes the symbol with him. He says you will likewise bite the dust, miscreant, you can never get this symbol. Brahmanand says I will kill you today. He asks goons to get Neeraj. Neeraj keeps running with the symbol. The goon tosses the child in the lake. Akshay leaves the lake and gets the child. The goon gets stunned. Akshay slaps and beats the goon. Goon apologizes to him. Akshay says you were going to execute an honest infant. Goon says I will do as you state, excuse me. Akshay takes him. Vandana says Archie, abandon me, Brahmanand won’t leave anybody of us, he needs to be the main beneficiary of Lali, with the goal that nobody challenges his forces, simply go. Archie says you are my Bhabhi, I can’t abandon you, accompany me.

Vandana says we can’t go, we need to control Veer. Archie asks what would we be able to do. Vandana says take everybody inside Ganga waters, Veer is constrained by Brahmanand, if Veer gets in the waters, he will get free from those forces. Archie says I won’t abandon you here, accompany me. Archie yells to everybody and requests that they come to Ganga waters quickly. Veer pursues Archie. Veer sees Archie and Vandana. Thakur says I will endeavor to stop Veer, you step the Ganga waters. He yells to Veer and diverts him. Veer pushes Thakur. Archie asks what are you doing Veer, stop.

Veer thrashes Thakur. Rajmata, Kashinath, and Revati venture in Ganga. They ask Veer to stop. Veer yells all of you are miscreants, you will get discipline today, all of you will bite the dust. Archie asks will Veer’s terrible forces get destroyed when he ventures in Ganga. Vandana says indeed, that is the reason his forces aren’t giving him a chance to venture in water. Archie says then we need to get him inside this water. Vandana says it is difficult, he will beat the individual who endeavors to get him in waters. The goons pursue Neeraj. Neeraj says I won’t let you take this symbol. Brahmanand tosses a blade at Neeraj and wounds him. Brahmand gets the symbol from Neeraj and cuts him. He runs with his goons. Rajmata says now Veer isn’t cared for previously.

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