Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 April 2019 Written Update – Revati Shouts for Help

Written Update: Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 April 2019 Written Update, today episode was written an update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Brahmanand asking Vandana to do the puja since the symbol is at last before her. She says truly, simply reveals to me the methodology. He requests that she do the Jaap and afterward get the forces. He says you can utilize the herbs and make me youthful once more. She concurs. She begins the puja. Everybody is made up for lost time in the flame. Rajmata asks what will we do now. Revati yells for help. Kashinath requests that she get back. Thakur says Brahmanand shouldn’t succeed at any cost, he shouldn’t get the symbol powers, he is tricking Vandana additionally, he will make Vandana do the puja to grab her forces, he will get all forces, we need to stop him.

The glass breaks. They get stressed and hurry to get spared. Vandana does the puja. Brahmanand thinks when Vandana complete the Jaap, I will get every one of the forces. He gets Sharad’s call. He says I let you know not to call me, what, fine, she did great, they needed to bite the dust, who lighted the flame, Sharad. Vandana says I had touched off the flame, your man is Akshay, not Sharad. He says I have sent Sharad with you. She asks what, Akshay came to me, my tyke is with him. He chides her. He says you don’t merit Lali’s forces, we will see Akshay later, proceed the puja. She says my tyke is with them.

He says nothing will happen to tyke, proceed the Jaap. She cries and supplicates. Revati asks Archie to utilize her forces. Archie says I don’t know to utilize it. Kashinath says we couldn’t fall flat the underhandedness. Archie says no, I m beyond any doubt Lord will support us. She supplicates. It begins raining inside the room. The flame gets passed over. Akshay breaks the entryway and gets in. Akshay requests that they accompany him quick. Akshay takes them. They get spared. Rajmata says express gratitude toward God Akshay came to there on perfect time. Akshay says sorry, I was dependably there to support the regal family, I joined the foe to keep the icon in my sight. Archie says Brahmanand and Vandana will get controls soon. He says I have a way, I have Vandana’s youngster. Vandana considers Archie and Akshay, they can hurt her youngster.

She supposes to leave. She takes the symbol and leaves. Brahmanand asks what’s going on with you. She says I need to get my kid, let me go. He says you can’t leave puja halfway and go, it will influence us severely. He tumbles down and gets electric stun. He shouts. She leaves. He gets up and says you can’t flee Vandana, I will get every one of the forces. Vandana calls Akshay and requests that he return her youngster. She cries. Archie takes the telephone and requests that she get the icon to them. She says we as a whole are alive, come to us with the symbol, we dislike you to execute anybody honest, Brahmanand will grab your forces, he is duping you, he will murder you as well. Vandana asks what are you saying. Archie says despite everything you have time, we will refine the symbol and spot it in Kanakgadh. Vandana asks where do I have to come. Archie requests that she meet while in transit to Kashi. Vandana concurs. Neeraj is inside the vehicle. He grins.

Archie and Akshay hang tight for Vandana. Vandana comes there. She gets captured. Revati gets the symbol. Vandana says I m prepared to accompany you to Kashi, abandon me, give me my tyke. Archie says we can not confide in you, accompany us. Brahmanand comes there with his goons. They all stowaway. His goons search for them. Goon says we didn’t discover anybody. Brahmanand yells Vandana, Archana, turn out, you can’t grab the icon. Vandana supposes he truly needs the icon. Thakur says perhaps he got fined by some puja. Archie gets some information about our area dependably. Goons get a few residents. He takes steps to murder locals. Veer comes there. Everybody looks on. Veer gets in his Rudra symbol and goes to Brahmanand.

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