Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 1 April 2019 Written Update – Brahmanand Calls Archie to Threaten

Written Update: Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 1 April 2019 Written Update, here is the latest written episode update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with everybody tying up Vandana. She requests that they abandon her else they all beyond words. Revati and Archie ask Kashinath to quiet down Vandana’s mouth. Brahmanand calls Archie to undermine her. He requests that she come to him with Vandana and symbol. Archie says you won’t get the icon, you can just Vandana when you leave my relatives, you will never get it. He says I know your area, my men are watching out for all of you, I can kill all of you whenever. Archie says I know your amusement, you need symbol and Vandana to get your forces, in the event that you do anything, I will murder Vandana, you won’t get fine ever.

She requests that he abandon her family and take Vandana. Brahmanand becomes ill and tumbles down the bed. Kashinath says Thakur is uncovering our discussions to Brahmanand. Thakur says shut up, I need to murder that fiend, on the off chance that you think I m supporting him, I will leave, we should leave from here and scatter to trap Brahmanand’s men. Archie says you are correct. Kashinath says I won’t offer symbol to him. Archie says fine, you and Revati take the symbol, Thakur and I will take Vandana, we will be in contact. Revati concurs and takes the symbol. Thakur asks do you think Brahmanand will come here, he won’t come. Archie says he should come, will we leave from here. Brahmanand comes there. Archie demonstrates Vandana to him. Brahmanand asks will you murder Vandana, take this blade, execute her.

Vandana asks Archie and asks her not to execute her. She asks Brahmanand how might he do this, by what method will he get spared in the event that she kicks the bucket. Archie assaults Brahmanand. Goon pushes her. Rajmata and Sia are brought there. Archie sees them and furthermore Kashinath and Revati. Goons take the symbol from them and furthermore free Vandana. Vandana goes to Brahmanand. He says Archie has a delicate heart, she can never slaughter Vandana. He says I will tell you the best way to kill somebody. He says I had got the symbol when Kashinath and Revati left from that point, I let you know Archie that I won’t extra your family, presently be prepared to confront discipline of your error. He goes to Sia and takes the child. Archie says please abandon them, don’t do this. He says I don’t have much time, let me know, whom will I kill, will I kill Rajmata or any other person. Rajmata says you got the icon, abandon us.

He says don’t cry, I m defenseless, I guaranteed Archie and I need to keep my pledge, you have seen numerous passings, don’t you wish to bite the dust. He admonishes Kashinath for bamboozling his very own family. He approaches Kashinath did he cheat them for his affection, Revati. He asks Revati is she prepared to bite the dust for Kashinath. He says anybody can get backstabbing for you, Kashinath she wasn’t faithful to her better half. He asks Kashinath will I murder her. Kashinath gets irate. Brahmanand says Sia, you got tormented a great deal, I will abandon you. He says Thakur, you conned me and took cash from me, your child was better, you should bite the dust. Goon hits Thakur on his head. Thakur blacks out.

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