Jhansi Ki Rani 8 May 2019 Written Update – Manu Applies Uptan To Gangadhar

Written Update: Jhansi Ki Rani 8 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Laccho Bai conveying Janki to demonstrate the mud impressions. Janki asks where is it? Laccho says it was here. Kashi is stowing away and supposes it is great that I heard them talking and cleaned all the mud marks else the tempest would have blasted on Maharani Saheb. Janki asks do you called me here to trick me. Laccho Bai says I can’t think about this, and says now everything is settled between us. Ross comes to meet Gangadhar.

Janki says no compelling reason to head inside, Maharani returned back to Palace. Ross asks from where she came? Janki says don’t have the foggiest idea when she goes and when she returns, similar to a dark reflection. Ross says even Moropant was telling about it and asks what is dark reflection. Janki says it can’t be seen and tells that it is extremely hazardous. Ross says this is secretive Bharat, obscure also, untraceable. Moropant originates from outside. Ross asks from where you are coming as the dark reflection.

Moropant says I went to meet my relatives. Ross thinks to watch out for him and welcomes him to see railroad venture. A few men assault the townspeople and make them oblivious. Gangadhar is situated for back rub. Sevak reveals to him that the person who rubs him is absent. Gangadhar requests that they get some warm water. Kashi and manu venture in the washroom. Gangadhar thinks sevaks came and requests to apply uptan. Kashi asks Manu to apply it being his better half. Manu comes to Gangadhar and applies uptan on his back.

The sevak accompanies the warm water and keeps it there. Janki and Laccho bai are taking a gander at them. Gangadhar doesn’t think about Manu applying uptan. Laccho Bai says today my dewar may feel awful. Janki inquires as to whether such talks are a great idea to talk. Saku Bai likewise takes a gander at them. Laccho Bai says they are a couple, and their hearts will meet. Saku Bai says they are drawing nearer fastly. Janki says today she is sitting in singhasan and very soon she will sit on our head.

She says we need to demonstrate her esteem. Laccho Bai says we will request that her do all the 16 pujas. Janki says it is difficult to do as it is newalkar’s puja. Laccho Bai says that is the reason we will trouble her with the puja obligations and supposes she will bolster them to remain in the Palace. Janki gets some information about our puja. Laccho Bai says my better half was additionally Newalkar. Saku Bai says I like your thought, we will persuade Maharaj for puja.

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