Jhansi Ki Rani 30 April 2019 Written Update – Gangadhar & Manu Get Married Happily

Written Update: Jhansi Ki Rani 30 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Gangadhar telling everybody that God has picked Manikarnika to spare him and that is the reason she grabs him from death everything, being obstinate. Laccho Bai sees the memento attached to the man’s hand and thinks this is a similar gems which I found in the Dolchi and thinks Rani Saku bai is engaged with this connivance. Saku bai comes there and says I figured I will kick the bucket without seeing all of you. She gets some information about his damage. Gangadhar says I am fine. Ross comes to Palace and reveals to Gangadhar that they couldn’t reach on schedule, says sorry. Gangadhar says no issue, today I have comprehended that I can battle my own war and Manikarnika has demonstrated that on the off chance that one attempt will get either triumph or experience and approaches him not to stress for them.

Manu asks Gangadhar to come and says you need to get treatment. They go. Peshwa and his better half grin and upbeat. Ross looks irately. Manu applies lep to Gangadhar’s hand. Gangadhar says you will treat my damage just and gets some information about your damage. He applies lep to her damage. Gangadhar says I am thinking how to bless your heart. Manu says I performed my responsibility. Gangadhar says I can apologize to you. He says whatever occurred amid the premarriage puja and says you was correct.

Jhansi Ki Rani 30 April 2019 Written Update

Manu says that thing occurred because of Captain Ross and says english offended our traditions. Gangadhar says you have changed my visually impaired confidence into fearlessness. Manu says how did Bundels come here. Gangadhar says many are against us and tells that I have comprehended that you are wellwisher of Jhansi. He requests pardoning. Manu says whatever happens is for best. Gangadhar says I am constantly grateful to you for sparing me and Jhansi and needs to make you my rani and Jhansi’s Maharani. He inquires as to whether she might want to wed him. Manu is going to go. He holds her hand and says I won’t let you abandon giving answer. He asks will you wed me? manu grins and goes modestly.

Later Manu prepares for marriage with Peshwa’s better half help. Moropant says your Aai had requested that I make you wear nat and says marriage day has come. Manu wears nat. Peshwa’s significant other tells that his mom would be upbeat today observing moonlike little girl. Moropant approaches her to want marriage. Gangadhar and Manu stand infront of one another and grins. Manu makes Gangadhar wear the wreath cheerfully. Gangadhar grins and makes her wear the laurel.

Janki and Saku bai are vexed. Laccho Bai grins taking a gander at Gangadhar and Manu. Pandit ji presents the mantras. Peshwa and his significant other does her kanyadaan. Gangadhar says I guarantee that I will give the most astounding position to my better half and will give dharm, dhan and equivalent rights in marriage. Manu grins. Pandit ji asks Gangadhar to make Maharani wear mangalsutra. Gangadhar makes her wear mangalsutra. Pandit ji asks Raj Guru Tatya Dikshit to tie ghatbandhan.

Tatya Dikshit ties ghatbandhan. Manu inquires as to for what reason did you tie free bunch and says she will tie tight bunch with the goal that it don’t opens for seven births. Gangadhar, Tatya dikshit and others grin. Gangadhar and Manu represent the customs. Manu and Gangadhar take rice pop/murmure and places it in the havan. He holds her hand and takes rounds with her. Pandit requests that they regard each other all life. They offer guarantee to one another. Tatya master requests that Maharani carry out spouse’s responsibilities well. Manu says she will do even Desh dharm with Patni dharm. Janki, Saku bai and Ross get irate and upset. Moropant, Peshwa and others grin.

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