Jhansi Ki Rani 28 June 2019 Written Update – Bai coming to Manu’s room

Written Update: Jhansi Ki Rani 28 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Laccho, Saku and Janki Bai going to Manu’s room and see Manjiri in widow’s garments. Manu supposes it is great that she made her wear widow’s garments, presently they won’t recognize her. They inquire as to why she is here? Kashi says manjiri is getting hitched. The trio comes to Gangadhar and advises that Manu needed to cause widow to remarry and says it isn’t in their traditions. Saku Bai says Maharani realizes that Maharaj won’t differ with her.

Raj master asks Gangadhar not to allow Manu to get Manjiri remarried. Gangadhar says he won’t give authorization. Janki thinks to meet Ross and goes to let him know. She goes to the grocery store and tells about Manu. Robb goes to her. Janki says apparition, black out and tumbles down. Robb giggles. Ross comes there and asks Robb to go, asks him not to destroy his arrangement.

Janki gains cognizance and says she saw Robb’s phantom. Ross says his burial service is finished. A warrior comes and tells that they have found krantikari image and widow saree in the house extremely distant from here. Ross says bharat is employing even widows in his group.

Janki says wherever is widows. Ross gets some information about the widow which she is discussing? Janki tells that her age may be 18 years and tells about her tallness. Ross demonstrates her sketch. Janki says she is wearing bright garments so I can’t tell. Ross covers her head with red shading and asks Janki to state. Janki says I can’t make sure. He requests that her discover. Janki says when Maharani was persuading Maharaj, I will look in her room.

Gangadhar reveals to Manu that he can’t give her authorization to get Manjiri remarried. Manu tells that Shiva Bhao cherishes her so much and inquires as to whether widows don’t reserve the option to live. Dasi asks Janki to look in Maharani’s room. Janki goes. Manu discloses to Gangadhar that he will change the traditions and afterward his name will be recollected in all times.

Gangadhar says we will bring change, however the general public won’t acknowledge the change and us. Manu says simply like you have to remarry after Rama Bai left, at that point for what reason can’t Manjiri remarried. Gangadhar asks how could you to contrast me and that widow. Janki scans for the evidences in Manu’s room. Manu discloses to Gangadhar that she can never come close him with anyone. She requests that he get it. Gangadhar supposes she has chosen and requests that her keep the marriage straightforward then no one will question. Manu embraces him and says you are great. Gangadhar grins.

Janki finds the blood splashed garments and figures my following stage will overcome you. Manu and Moropant come to Raj master Tatya Dikshit. Tatya Dikshit tells that he don’t support of widow’s marriage and tells that it is adharm. Moropant advises that it is dharm to make somebody’s life great. Manu inquires as to whether he had said something very similar if Manjiri was his little girl. Raj master concurs and inquires as to why you need me to complete the marriage. Manu says Maharaj asked us not to go to the wedding. Raj master says how manjiri will be taken to sanctuary from royal residence, it is troublesome.

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