Jhansi Ki Rani 24 June 2019 Written Update – Bring all the Girls of Jhansi

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He gives kumkum’s example and tells that the belief of the ladies make the kumkum important. Manu thanks him and tells that she is lucky to have him as her husband. She says she will invite the ladies for the haldi kumkum and then will tell them how important is the training for them. The ladies come and do haldi kumkum ritual with Maharani. Janki, Saku and laccho bai looks on.

Jhansi Ki Rani 24 June 2019

Laccho bai says she is clever to call the ladies this way. Ghouse Khan comes wearing veil just as the ladies are about to go and hold one of the lady. Other ladies ask him to leave her and get angry on him. They hit him. Manu asks them to stop. The ladies tell that he has misbehaved with one of them. Manu thanks Ghouse Baba. Ghouse Baba tells that he tried to make Durga wake up from inside them and folds his hand.

Manu says she wants to make their strength known to them and tells that the men oriented culture have made us weak, but we have to realize our strength and have to become independent and fight our own war. She says we shall learn to protect ourselves and have to give answer to the injustice happening to them in the house and by the britishers. She asks if her idea is wrong to train them. One of the lady tells that she will join her sena. Others ladies also agree. Manu says the sena name will be Durga Dal.

Jhansi Ki Rani 24 June 2019

Janki, Saku and Laccho Bai come to Gangadhar and congratulate him on Manu’s success. Saku bai asks what Maharani wants to do by training them. Gangadhar says her thinking is great and I am proud of her thinking. He says a mother is the first teacher of the child and will give the training to everyone in the house. Janki thinks don’t know what happened to him. He asks them to get training and join her sena. Janki thinks to send him away and asks him to go and appreciate her. Gangadhar says I will go and congratulate her.

Manu is in her room and finds the earring in her room. She thinks whose jhumka is this and thinks Kashi must be knowing it. She keeps it safely and hears some sound. She picks a flower vase. Manjiri is hiding behind the bed. Manu sees blood stain on the floor and thinks she is not feeling bad. She comes behind the bed and sees Manjiri hiding holding the knife.

She gets shocked and asks what are you doing here. She closes her door and asks what is all this? She asks if she is fine? Manjiri says nothing is fine and tells everything to Manu about Robb misbehavior. A fb is shown, Manjiri tries to go. Robb locks the door and says I will hunt you. Manjiri takes out the knife. Robb says you can’t do this. Manjiri stabs him and escapes from there.

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