Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 3 July 2019 Written Update – Lakhan asks Pujan Pandey

Written Update: Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 3 July 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Pallavi disclosing to Suman that Lakhan Chacha is coming there. She asks badal to go. badal goes. Lakhan comes and requests that her come. They go to the vehicle. Suman tells that she overlooked her sack and returns to get it. She calls badal who is going to go and tells that she has brought tiffin for him which she set aside a few minutes.

Badal tastes the nourishment and says it Is extremely delicious. Suman requests that he cause her to eat it. Badal says it is mine. Suman gives her guarantee and takes the sustenance. She says it is terrible. Badal says it is delicious for me, and asks her not to set out telling that. Suman gets mournful eyes and embraces him. He wipes her tears. Suman says you adore me so much, even babu ji had the nourishment made by me.

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 3 July 2019

Pallavi returns to Suman and requests that her come, as Chacha ji is pausing. Badal tells her that he will have the sustenance and give tiffin tomorrow. Suman is at home. She tells that Badal and Bau ji the two cherishes her a great deal. Pallavi says in the event that you need to pick between them, at that point whom you will pick. Chote Chachi comes and asks who is the subsequent individual. Suman says there are two men throughout her life. She says after her marriage, if such circumstance emerge that whom she will pick. Chote Chachi says my dad and spouse’s reasoning are same, so I am fortunate. She asks her not to think much. Suman supposes I am hitched and that is the reason thinking.

Suman is conversing with Pallavi and advises that she will likewise go to her home. Kaka stops the vehicle. Suman gets down from the vehicle and sees old woman shuddering and is unwell. She requests that the general population help her take her in vehicle. Driver Kaka says I will call emergency vehicle. Suman takes the woman in the vehicle and drives off. Kaka is stunned. Rukmani solicits Rama to take care from his wellbeing. Lakhan gets a call and is going. Rama requests that he have nourishment.

Lakhan advises that Suman took some woman to the clinic. Chandrama tells that it’s anything but a major issue, Suman took the woman for humankind purpose. Shashi contends that Suman fouled up and ought to have called a rescue vehicle. Pujan Pandey comes and requests that they inquire as to whether she needs anything.

Suman takes the old woman to emergency clinic. The secretary requests that her fill the structure. Suman undermines her that she is Pujan Pandey’s little girl and requests that her call specialist. The specialist comes racing to her. Suman asks who is the patient? The men remaining there tell that he is Mandwa’s Amma. They think to advise her child. Specialist reveals to Suman that he will deal with the patient and inquires as to whether she runs NGO. Pallavi comes there. Suman advises that she got a plan to call Badal at home.

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