Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 24 June 2019 Written Episode Update – Suman & Badal Come

Written Update: Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 24 June 2019 Written Episode Update on starsofworld.com

The young lady inquires as to whether he is Ram or Ravan. Pujan Pandey says he is Ram of Suman. Chandrama tells that Sita had picked her man of the hour and that is the reason it is called Swayamwar. Pujan Pandey says there is no contrast among Suman and my decision. He tells that the person name is Arjun Mishra and he is concentrating in USA and his dad is a judge in the high court. Lakhan says Suman has grown up. Pujan Pandey offers desserts to his significant other and says you are not looking cheerful.

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 24 June 2019

Pujan Pandey says Suman can’t get great union than this. He says no one will tell Suman and will reveal to her when she comes here. Somebody tosses a stone in their home. Chandrama takes Lakhan to side. Pujan Pandey blows up. Lakhan turns out and shoots in air. Pujan Pandey requests that he drink water. He requests that he drink his indignation likewise, yet don’t process it and take it out at the opportune time. Suman dozes on Badal’s lap. Tea merchant fellow inquires as to whether you will be permitted in the inn.

Badal says they won’t contend as test are closer. He lifts her as she is resting. Suman hangs tight for the call and supposes she won’t talk if no one calls her. She gets the call and picks it. Everybody wishes with her cheerful birthday. Suman doesn’t address them. Suman composes she would prefer not to converse with them. Pujan Pandey says they didn’t rest throughout the night and petitioned God for her.

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 24 June 2019

Suman composes on the off chance that he overlooked her birthday. Pujan Pandey says he remembered her. Does he ask what she needs? Suman says bullet. Pujan Pandey says no. Suman composes scooty. He says he will get the vehicle for her and requests that her pick up driving first. Suman says alright. Rukmani requests that her light the diya. She says she has done as of now. They all desire her cheerful birthday and end the call. Suman says thanks to them.

Lakhan hears on TV about the band in Ronakpur. Mohan goes to his home. A few goons light the petroleum container and tosses in Mohan’s neighborhood. It indicates it is finished by Lakhan. Lakhan snickers and goes. Numerous individuals and children get harmed. Suman, Badal, and others are sitting at the tea slow down. Suman says the test is done, she has turned out to be free winged creature now. Badal says they haven’t free and will do higher examinations. They watch the news and get stunned.

Badal calls Mohan and asks what was the deal? Mohan says many are harmed and houses are demolished. Does Badal ask who did this? Mohan asks him not to stress and tells that they will a few people under messy legislative issues and it is a criminal issue. He educates that somebody is telling regarding the young lady’s homicide and says why anybody will execute their little girl and advises that he needs to tell the young ladies that they will wed in their locale. Suman and Badal are stunned. Suman cries. Badal comes to Suman. Suman embraces him. He says I went to meet you and you came here. Suman says let’s get hitched. Badal says even I needed to disclose to you this. He says we will wed toward the beginning of the day.

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