Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 19 June 2019 Written Update – Suman collides with a goon

Written Update: Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 19 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Badal is annoyed with her. Afterward, Suman and Badal are sitting close to the riverside. She inquires as to whether he is as yet annoyed with him. Badal says what befell you during the play. Suman says play is hit and they got overwhelming applause. She tells that she can’t see anybody beating him and cherishes him to such an extent. He says you are lying and giving address being Panditayan. She asks Ganga waterway to accept her as he might suspect she doesn’t love him. He stops her and inquires as to whether she is frantic to give life?

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 19 June 2019

She says you are here to spare me. He holds her. The voiceover tells that there is the other reality where there is love, dreams and the sky to fly and the opposite end there is another city Ronakpur where there is love, dream, yet the best approach to achieve stature is in another person hands. A man goes ahead a cycle and proposes a young lady wishing her cheerful valentine day. The young lady expresses gratitude toward him. He says we will take a selfie. Simply then they see something in the selfie and yell.

They see the recently married couple hanged to the tree. Somebody says that it is respect executing, however somebody is stating that it is suicide. The police comes there. The man’s dad tells that he is his child and tells about his child’s lady of the hour. The man comes and tells that it is the respect executing. Investigator finds the gold chain and keeps his leg on the chain. He goes to the Sanatan degree school. Educator Pujan Pandey is giving the introduction to the understudies and says he is the leader of the material science dept.

One of the understudies sees the weapon hanging before his gasp. He says there are three standards. The kid educates another kid regarding the pistol. Pujan Pandey sees him talking and toss chalk piece on him. The kid inquires as to why he is keeping gun despite the fact that you are a teacher. Pujan Pandey says he is instructing here and the pistol is his need. He sees Inspector coming there. He goes out. Assessor demonstrates the chain and says I discovered it at the wrongdoing spot. Pujan Pandey takes the chain and gives his ring to him.

Overseer expresses gratitude toward him and leaves. Pujan Pandey is in the vehicle and goes to the dead young lady’s home. He says this circumstance shouldn’t have emerged and said in the event that you need my assistance, at that point let me know. He says all my compassion is with you and says just the general public encourages you. The man tells that his child in law was great despite the fact that he was from an alternate network and adored my girl.

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