Ishq Subhan Allah 8 May 2019 Written Update – Kabir Saves Zara’s Life

Written Update: Ishq Subhan Allah 8 May 2019 Written Update on

Zara is playing Kabir’s home with Azra. Shahbaz’s goon comes there and goes to gallery. He stows away. Zara comes to laborer. Does laborer say when are you returning? Zara sees her washing garments and sees Kabir’s kurta. Zara acts like conversing with his kurta. Kabir sees it. Zara embraces his kurta and says I miss you a ton, I will take you with me. Zara approaches laborer to bring pack for her. She goes. Kabir comes there and requests his kurta. Zara shrouds it. Kabir focuses that its his.

Ishq Subhan Allah 8 May 2019

Zara shakes her head and says its only a kurta. Kabir says you wont get any memory of mine. He requests it yet Zara holds his hand and says why your eyes are telling something different? Kabir says what do my eyes state? He leaves from that point. Goon tosses pot from overhang. It is going to fall on Zara yet Kabir sees it and pushes her away. Goon flees from that point. Kabir inquires as to whether she is fine? he requests that her leave. Zara says I am fine. Kabir says why dont you get it? It could fall on you, on the off chance that you remain with me, at that point terrible will transpire. Zara says what? I saw Shahbaz compromising you.

Ishq Subhan Allah 8 May 2019

She demonstrates to him Shahbaz’s video and says why he was requesting that you avoid me generally awful will transpire? what’s going on here? please its focusing on me, if it’s not too much trouble let me know. She embraces him. Kabir reviews his guarantee that he will leave from Zara. Kabir pushes her away and says truth is that my spirit doesnt you close me, I have isolated you from my life, return your home, he leaves. Zara is harmed. Alina and Azra goes to her. Zara keeps running from that point. Kabir sees it and is harmed.

Scene 2

Azra says to Zara that how might he yell on you? I wouldn’t save him. Zara says his eyes show various feelings. I brought his kurta. Gives up home.

Zara and Azra returns home. Salma sees mud in their feet. Azra says there is such a great amount of contamination in city. Does Salma say you both took a shot at harm? Zara says who let you know? Salma says Ayesha let me know, don’t escape me, I am cool mother now. She says to Zara that dont stress there is no reason to worry. She says I am going for ramadan shopping. Salma leaves. Does Zara say how she turned out to be so sweet? Azra chuckles. Alina calls Zara and says I need to indicate you something.

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