Ishq Subhan Allah 5 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Zara gifted them Something Awesome

Written Update: Ishq Subhan Allah 5 July 2019 Written Episode Update on

Azra says Ruksaar was here to take. Does Salma ask what’s happening with you? she attempted to hurt Zara previously. Does Zara inquire as to why she is here? Ruksaar says I cannot disclose to you that, I will leave from that point. Zara stops her and says you are in my home, disclose to me what are you stowing away? Demonstrate to me your hand. Ruksaar demonstrates her blade and assaults her.

Everything ends up being Kabir’s fantasy. He awakens and beverages water. Kabir murmurs and erroneously breaks the glass. Zara asks Ruksaar what she is stowing away? Ruksaar says I cannot let you know, I will Salma, she requests that she accompany her. Azra says we cannot confide in you, you need to trap her? Zara says Ruksaar let me know here as it were.

Ishq Subhan Allah 5 July 2019

She attempts to see whats in Ruksaar’s grasp and sees its cash. Salma is staggered. Azra says see, she was taking cash from here, you were invited here and you stole from here? Ruksaar says I.. Salma shakes her head. Ruksaar says I am a criminal, I required cash and I took it, I am grieved, she leaves. Salma tells Zara and Azra this isn’t our cash, we don’t have the cash to try and run the house. Zara says recall, this may be your cash as it were. Irfan says no its like 1 lac, we cannot have that a lot of cash.

Salma says it implies she was putting cash here, she needed to help, she came to converse with me prior. Flashback demonstrates how Ruksaar came to Salma and says I can get you in contact with somebody who can loan some cash on the off chance that you need, Salma says we don’t need your assistance. Flashback closes. Salma discloses to Zara that Ruksaar may have heard me and Irfan. Zara says what talk? What are you covering up? Let me know. Salma says Zara we are shy of cash on account of your treatment. She advises her beginning and end. Zara is stunned.

Ayesha goes to Kabir’s room and attempts to clean the glass mess and requests that he be cautious. Kabir says you generally stress for me. Ayesha says you will know when you will end up being a dad. Kabir turns away. Does Ayesha get some information about Ruksaar harming Zara? Kabir says I simply figure you should converse with Zara.

Does Zara say to the family that you didn’t disclose to me we don’t even have the cash to redesign house? I am a piece of this house as well, am I not yours? Irfan says we didn’t need to stress you, cash can go back and forth, God is with us. Zara says we need to work as well, I won’t give you a chance to sell this house. Irfan says give cash back to Ruksaar. Azra says we need this cash. Zara says stop it.

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