Ishq Subhan Allah 5 February 2020 Written Update – Kabir wear it

Salma brings the turban. Irfan says I need Kabir to wear this and become the head cleric. He makes Kabir wear it. Imran says he looks decent. Kabir is amazed. Irfan embraces him and appeals to God for him. Zara gets a call and it’s Shahbaz. Shahbaz says the court has recorded an FIR that his little girl took sharia load up’s cash so now you should leave your position, I will demonstrate that your girl was a cheat. Kabir parts of the bargains. Irfan reveals to Kabir that nobody can battle Shahbaz as a head minister. Azra says Imran can battle him. Irfan says he can’t battle only him, Kabir can do it. Kabir says I need to show a thing or two to him, he leaves.

Kabir goes to Shahbaz’s home with his turban. Shahbaz says I anticipated this from you. Does Kabir say you need to undermine individuals? He holds his put hand and says don’t you dare compromise Irfan once more, he leaves. Kabir goes to his room and sees it finished. He goes to see Ruksaar and says I have demonstrated faithful to you so you demonstrate what you feel for me. She attempts to impractically hit the dance floor with him however Kabir is bothered and snatches her. He carries her to the parlor and yells at her that you are a blockhead.

Ishq Subhan Allah 5 February 2020 Written Update

You are not my better half, you are a trade-off. Zeenat says she has privilege as your significant other. You can’t acknowledge her? Zara comes there. Ruksaar says my better half doesn’t adore me. Kabir says you will be rebuffed Ruksaar, there is no purpose behind affection. He leaves. Ruksaar says this isn’t my Kabir, this Zara is inciting him. Shahbaz says this Zara is bombing our arrangements. Zeenat says finish her. Shahbaz says how? Zeenat smiles and embraces Ruksaar. She says I will drive her away from this house. I guarantee you.

Kabir goes to Shahbaz’s office and says God your confidence is preventing me from rebuffing this executioner. Zara comes there however not me, he is your dad yet I can wreck his life. Kabir says this is my work, my God will show me the way. Zara says you have done a great deal for me so give me a possibility. We need to debilitate his organizations, he will lose his capacity and afterward, he will go to his knees. Kabir says we need to demolish him.

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