Ishq Subhan Allah 4 June 2019 Written Update – Zara hugs her & says

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Zara asks Ayesha to pardon Kabir. She says he doesn’t lament his oversight so I cannot pardon him. Zeenat gets back home and requests that watchmen open entryway. Kashan requests that her quiet down. Zeenat says you are lying with Zara. Kashan says I have sent all watchmen on off. Zara draws close to the entryway from inside and says to Zeenat that I am on another side of entryway this time. Zeenat says open entryway before I call the police.

Zara opens entryway. Zeenat says I will call the police. Zara says I opened entryway for Kashan. Zeenat attempts to slap her however Zara says I came here for Ayesha, she solicits Kashan to take care from her and leaves. zeenat is furious. A man comes to Kabir and says some young lady came here to meet you, says she is Ayesha’s little girl. Kabir says Alina came here? He leaves mosque and puts hand on eyes of young lady.

Ishq Subhan Allah 4 June 2019

Young lady turns and its Zara. Kabir is shocked. Zara says dont make Ayesha furious, return home. Kabir says you went to meet her? Zara says truly, she was broken. Kabir says you said that our connection finished and you went to meet her? Zara says she is my mom as well. Kabir says you had a connection with my family as a result of me, our connection broke so your broke with them as well.

Zara says relations dont break this way, she was my mom and will remain so. Kabir says why dont you proceed onward? Zara offers him tea and says I dont care about you any longer, I came here for Ayesha. Kabir says on the off chance that you go close Ayesha, at that point I won’t return home, he frowns at her. Zara says my mom will celebrate eid and with her child and little girl. I guarantee you. She leaves from that point. Kabir looks on.

Ishq Subhan Allah 4 June 2019

Kabir calls Shahbaz and says Zara came here and guaranteed to celebrate Eid with Ayesha, why she is doing this? Cause her to stay far from me as generally all that I willed be to no end. Shahbaz thinks Zara is attempting to rebound in Kabir’s life through Ayesha. Shahbaz comes to Ayesha and yells at her that why she is tossing Zara at Kabir? He doesnt need her, you need to stop this current Zara’s dramatization.

Kashan comes there and says I called Zara here, she was concerned for her and requested to meet Ayesha so I helped her. Zeenat says he misled me. Shahbaz says you are working behind me? hear me out cautiously, that young lady ought not be here any longer. He tells workers that Zara ought not be seen here any longer else you will lose your employment. He says I dont need Zara’s shadow close Kabir.

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