Ishq Subhan Allah 30 April 2019 Written Update – Zara Determined To Find Truth

Written Update: Ishq Subhan Allah 30 April 2019 Written Update on

Zara says to Kabir that I won’t go to Mumbai till I discover what you are covering up. Kabir says you will return, your ticket is following two days. Zara says you know all data about me? you abhor me however keep a tab on my developments? Kabir says Ayesha let me know. Zara says she more likely than not seen you stressed for me and let you know. Kabir says you are in hallucination, go to Mumbai and get treatment. Zara says you came to emergency clinic and got some information about my wellbeing. Kabir says dont attempt to finish up something, this connection will end. Zara says on the off chance that you need that, at that point why you are tragic to abandon me?

take a gander at me and state that you dont cherish me, that you dont care about isolating from me? Kabir looks in her eyes and is dismal. His telephone rings. Kabir moves away. Shahbaz calls him and says why you are still close Zara? you know what can happen to her on the off chance that you go close here. Azra hears Shahbaz accessible as needs be in the market and records it. Kabir closes call and advises Zara to leave. Zara says I wont go. Kabir says please leave. Zara says Lucknow is my home and I won’t go. Kabir says you are as yet difficult, it would be ideal if you go. Zara says I will go yet till I don’t discover why you are doing this and still love me till then I won’t leave.

Azra demonstrates Shahbaz’s video to Zara and says don’t recognize what he is compromising going to Kabir. Azra says you can converse with Ayesha. Zara says they took my telephone as a result of beams and I don’t have their numbers now and Irfan don’t give me any number. Azra says Ayesha never came to determine the status of you. Zara says there must be some weakness for her like Kabir. Azra says don’t stress, I will get Ayesha’s number from Salma’s telephone.

Kabir gets back home and reviews his guarantee to avoid Zara and how Shahbaz revealed to him that in the event that he goes close Zara, at that point, she will turn out to be all the more sick. He reviews Zara testing him that he doesn’t cherish her any longer. Kabir is strained. Alina demonstrates Kabir sparing Zara to Ayesha and says he is still cherishes her, Amaan says Zara bhabhi will come. He moves around. Kabir comes there and sends Amaan away. He says to Alina that Zara cannot come in this house, I disclosed to you commonly that we cannot rebound together. Zeenat gets some information about Zara in this house. Ayesha’s telephone rings.

She accepts call. Zara welcomes her. Ayesha says Zara? Zara says I need to meet you and ask you something. Kabir takes Ayesha’s telephone. Zara says Ayesha you accepting me as your little girl so meet me as that, you will come? Kabir says no, she won’t arrive at meet you, quit calling here. Zara says she accepting me as her little girl so you cannot stop her. Kabir says you didn’t satisfy your guarantee, when you left for sharia board that day, you demonstrated that you are not this current house’s little girl, don’t call once more. He closes call. Ayesha tumbles down and swoons.

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