Ishq Subhan Allah 3 May 2019 Written Update – Kabir Saves Zara

Written Update: Ishq Subhan Allah 3 May 2019 Written Update on

Zeenat takes of Zara’s phony whiskers and demonstrates her to auditor. Kabir scowls at her. Zeenat says Azra is her cousin and her sister in burqa was Zara as it were. Auditor says Zara need to come to police headquarters, Shahbaz documents objection. Zeenat says takes her, she is indecent. Kabir reviews Zara’s words and says examiner is correct, she crushed our tranquility by getting to be another person, take her. Azra comes there as well. Zeenat says she was tricking us as well, take them. Controller begins taking Zara and Azra from that point. Zara tragically takes a gander at Kabir, narazgi plays. Kabir stops auditor and says this grumbling.. it was a mix-up, Zeenat says what? Kabir says Zara is our little girl in law, she isn’t our foe, reviewer leaves from that point. Zara grins at Kabir. Kabir leaves. Zara goes behind him.

Zara rushes to Kabir and says you don’t need to lie, despite everything you cherish me. Kabir says its pointless to converse with you. Zara says you can advise your heart thing to a driver yet not me? She acts like driver and talks in various tones. Kabir snickers at her and says you are insane and joker. Zara says wonderful joker. Kabir grins at her. Zara holds Kabir’s finger however he holds her entire hand. Zara says why this test? I grinned one year, why this division? Continue grinning, its makes another person grin. She kisses his hand and says I review our minutes together a ton. She puts her head on his shoulder and says when will that time rebound?

Kabir reviews his guarantee to God and says never. He moves from her. Zara says this is all in your grasp, what is happening? I am your significant other, in the event that despite everything you abhor me, at that point why didnt send me to imprison? Kabir says in light of the fact that you are as yet my significant other and we need to complete this connection so I am hanging tight for separation see, recall this reality, he leaves from that point. Zara is in tears.

Azra comes to Zara and says don’t cry. Zara embraces her. Zeenat comes there and says quit giving yourself wholeheartedly to Kabir, abandon him. Zara says God preclude I go out, why you continue coming behind me? Azra says I heard a ton about you, she makes Zeenat’s video. Zeenat asks her stop it, dont do this once more, she leaves. Zara giggles with Azra. Ayesha comes there and says to Zara that continue grinning this way. Zeenat exhaust seeing them together and says gives up. She takes Ayesha from that point. Azra inquires as to whether she discovered something about Shahbaz?

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