Ishq Subhan Allah 3 June 2019 Written Update – Kabir Helps Zara

Written Update: Ishq Subhan Allah 3 June 2019 Written Update on

Zara offers supplications and calls Kashan. She says I need to meet Ayesha and I need your assistance. Kashan says despite everything you care for her. Zara says it’s among me and Kabir however that doesn’t change our connection. Kashan says she needed to converse with you yet was humiliated. Zara says I will improve her vibe. Kashan says she was influenced a ton, Zara says Zeenat is at home?

Ishq Subhan Allah 3 June 2019

Kashan says I will deal with her. Zara says gatekeeper doesn’t let me inside. Kashan says don’t stress over anything, just Ayesha will be in the house when you come. Zara expresses gratitude toward him. Kashan thinks to prepare Ayesha, she is coming. Kabir is working in a mosque. He goes to appropriate garments in the poor in the market.

Ishq Subhan Allah 3 June 2019

Zara comes in the market to purchase consecrated things for Ayesha. Somebody endeavors to grab Zara’s tote from her. She shouts. Kabir runs to her yet hoodlum leaves. Zara goes behind cheat. Kabir goes behind her. Zara and Kabir pursue cheat on cycle. Kabir requests that her return, it’s risky. Zara says I don’t need you, Kabir says I am arguing you to return. Zara says disregard me. Kabir says I am not leaving you, I will help any young lady out of luck.

Zara says cheat ran away. She goes behind him in the wilderness. Kabir discovers him and beats him. Zara says leave him. Criminal flees. Kabir offers handbag to Zara. Zara and Kabir are on a cycle. Zara says I don’t need you to tail me. Kabir says you cannot win in cycle race from me. Zara reviews how they used to go for cycling and appreciate together. There sang Yara plays. Kabir and Zara stop at a sign. Zara says quit tailing me. Police-lady comes there and inquires as to whether he is eve-prodding you?

Kabir says I am her significant other. Does Officer inquire as to whether he is lying? Let me know and I will place him in prison. Zara reviews Kabir’s unforgiving words and says I don’t have a connection with him, I don’t know him however he didn’t act mischievously with me. Officer says alright and leaves. Kabir looks on. Zara leaves from that point.

Salma is strained to review that Zara needs to go to Kabir’s home. Mina comes there and says you are stressed over Zara? Does Salma say for what reason is this incident with Zara? She cherishes Kabir and family a great deal yet he did that with her, she cries and says Zara won’t almost certainly love anybody now. Mina says we can consider new begin in her life, another light can light her life once more.

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