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Today episode begins, Zara says to Kabir that I filled that structure as your companion, this is a decent challenge. Kabir says I don’t need to go there, you ought to have asked me before filling that structure, it’s my interest to cook however I don’t need to turn into a joke there. Zara says you are frightened to lose, Kabir says what are you saying? Zara says at that point partake in the rivalry. Kabir says never. Zara says I couldn’t state it as a spouse yet I will as a companion, you are solid however your point of view is feeble and prevent you from being effective.

Kabir is stunned and says you can say anything other than I am not participating in this challenge. Zara says in the event that you don’t regard my words, at that point our companionship closes today. Kabir leaves from that point. Kabir returns home and reveals to Shahbaz that he took his name over from rivalry. Shahbaz says great work, we don’t need that slander in our home. Zara meets a few ladies. Zara says they are here for work. Lady says you didn’t commend your triumph with us. Zara says I will offer desserts to you individuals. Lady says with your companion Kabir? Zara says he isn’t my companion.

Ishq Subhan Allah 26 August 2019

Imran goes to Kabir’s home and goes to meet him. Salma says to Irfan that its great Zara broke her companionship with Kabir. Irfan says we make companions ourselves so its nearest and we ought to commend it. Imran says to Kabir that how could to break your kinship with her? Kabir says she didn’t hear me out, she took choice for me, for what reason would I cook? Imran says to pay that obligation, you needed to anything to get that cash, this is your opportunity, you cannot pay that advance with some random temp job, in the event that you partake in this challenge you will carry out your responsibility, I won’t drive you, you choose.

Ladies are sewing garments in Zara’s home. Zara reviews how Sabina requested that she call Kabir before dozing. Kabir reviews Imran’s words that you should participate in the rivalry. He gets Zara’s call. She doesn’t talk, he is going to cut call yet stops. The two of them are quiet and in agony. Dost boycott ke plays. Zara closures call. Kabir comes in a mosque. A man is chatting on the speaker and says you need to send that request. Zara reveals to him that she cannot send the request as her specialist is sick. Kabir looks on. Another lady on the speaker says that you need to send a request on schedule or we will drop it. Zara says let me attempt.

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