Ishq Subhan Allah 25 June 2019 Episode Written Update – Kabir tells Ayesha about Storm

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Zara yells at Kabir that what do you need you finished our connection so quit meddling in my life, I will go to meet Rizwan the same number of times as I need, our ways are unique and you reserve no option to address me. Avoid me. Kabir figures what did I do, I need to stop her. Kabir says you should try to do you say others should do, for what reason do you care for me? You stressed over my injury, stressed over my connection with Ayesha, you did in light of the fact that you have mankind.

I have same feelings, we can be discrete however we can think about one another, that individual is hazardous. Zara scowls at him and says Azra time go for prison, let’s go back home. A man in prison asks Rizwan for what valid reason he is tricking Shahbaz? Rizwan says Kabir removed my seat however Shahbaz…. removed my mom, I will deliver retribution from him when my sister is here then I will utilize her to get what I need. An official tells that Zara is here.

Ishq Subhan Allah 25 June 2019 Episode

Zara is in prison. Does Azra inquire as to why she came here? Zara says I misled Kabir so he could disregard me. Rizwan comes there and says I ought to have kicked the bucket due to what I did, how are you? Zara says I am not here to accommodate with you, I became acquainted with that you didn’t shoot me, somebody with gold gloves. Do you know any individual who wears that? Rizwan reviews how Shahbaz wore it and says no. Zara says on the off chance that you are lying, at that point, it won’t be great.

Rizwan says in the event that you get him, at that point, you will realize that I am honest. Azra says you attempted to slaughter Kabir, for what reason would you say you are denying that? Rizwan thinks this is my last shot. He tumbles down and cries, he says what occurred with Maqbool,, occurred with me, that supervisor constrained me to execute Kabir on the grounds that he had my mom on weapon point, I hit Kabir in a manner that didn’t make him kick the bucket yet he murdered my mom.

Ishq Subhan Allah 25 June 2019 Episode

Zara says do you have evidence of this? Rizwan says yes. He indicates a photograph of his mom on firearm point with shooter wearing gold gloves. Zara says this individual attempted to murder Maqbool’s mom as well. Rizwan says I will pass on here if it’s not too much trouble spare me. Zara says do you realize this manager is? Rizwan says no, I am stuck here in prison, I dont have any left throughout everyday life, I will bite the dust here. Zara says no, on the off chance that you are stating the truth, at that point, I will demand legal counselor to revive these cases. She leaves. Rizwan smiles.

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