Ishq Subhan Allah 23 May 2019 Written Update – Zara Prepares To Go Back

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Zara cries and says to Azra that I couldn’t spare Maqbool, in what manner will we reveal to him that his mom is sheltered and shouldn’t something be said about his supervisor? Azra says you can tell Kabir. Zara says no, he is as of now stressed. Azra says Maqbool’s mom is in Nagma’s private center. Zara says no one should realize that she is alive, I need to go to Kabir, be with him, give him support and live with him. Azra says there is no reason to worry.

Ishq Subhan Allah 23 May 2019

Ayesha says to Kabir that all is well at this point. Maqbool is dead and Rizwan is in prison. She advises Zara to get ready for haldi service. Zara says I just observed passing, perhaps we ought to quietly keep service and I go down. Kabir says I was thinking same, we ought not to comment much. Ayesha says then it chose, we will take our little girl back tomorrow. Zeenat says I trust ruksati happens tomorrow and no other issue happens.

Kabir looks on. Kabir is sitting in his room. Kashan comes there and alarms him. Shahbaz and Ayesha come there. Shahbaz says Kabir should battle with Zara due to various musings. Ayesha says it’s their adoration battles and they will be glad together. Shahbaz says lets rest.

Ishq Subhan Allah 23 May 2019

Ayesha and Kashan leave. Kabir is concerned and says to Shahbaz that I never figured I would break such huge numbers of hearts, they will never excuse me for what I will do, I am leaving from Zara until the end of time. Sky is dark today like my heart. Shahbaz embraces him. Kabir says I will bear this transgression however shouldn’t something be said about Zara? Shahbaz says I don’t recognize what you will do however you are doing this for Zara and for her wellbeing, it is anything but a transgression. Kabir gestures.

In the morning, Azra and family sings around Zara to stay glad in Kabir’s home. All giggle. Mina says to Zara that we will get you breakfast today. Zara says I will miss all of you. All embrace Zara. Service begins. Ayesha says to Kabir that we will do turban service as it were. Shahbaz ties turban on Kabir’s head. Zeenat makes him wear sehra. Ayesha gives philanthropy on his name. Shahbaz gestures at Kabir.

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