Ishq Subhan Allah 21 June 2019 Written Update – Zeenat was Totally Wrong

Written Update: Ishq Subhan Allah 21 June 2019 Written Update on

Kabir says I heard everything in her home that day so don’t disclose to me anything. Zara comes to the bank. Kabir comes there as well. The two of them battle for their turn on gathering. Azra says stop it, come nearer and it will explain the inconvenience. They give their checks, takes every others telephone erroneously and leave.

Zeenat cries and reveals to Shahbaz that my sister is irate with me. Shahbaz says your sister is exceptionally shrewd, she is detecting you to indicate Kabir that she has transformed, she is claiming to despise you so she can get Kabir, I will end Kabir and Zara’s connection.

Ishq Subhan Allah 21 June 2019

Ruksaar calls Kabir and says I am heartbroken, what you got notification from Zeenat wasn’t right. Zara takes telephone and is stunned. She sees its Kabir’s telephone and finishes call. She discloses to Azra that Kabir has my telephone, overseer’s require Rizwan’s visit will come on my telephone, he cannot take it.

Kabir sees that he has Zara’s telephone. He gets assessor’s call who says that visit time for Rizwan begins at 3 pm. Zara comes there and takes the telephone. Does Kabir say for what reason would you say you are going to meet Rizwan? he attempted to hurt us. Zara says I don’t need to answer you, he is my cousin and we praised eid somedays back so I needed to welcome him. She leaves.

Kabir says I cannot let her meet Rizwan. Kabir masks as sardar and punctures Zara’s vehicle and scooty tires. He stows away. Zara and Azra come there and see the two vehicles punctured. Zara says we don’t have much time. Zara sees a taxi and goes to him. Its Kabir as the driver. Zara says take us to imprison street. She takes a gander at Kabir and says leave vehicle. He does. Zara says I know him.

Kabir looks on. Does Zara say for what reason did you cut our vehicle tire? Azra says what? Zara says he needed us to take his taxi so he is more likely than not punctured my vehicle’s tires. Kabir says you are incorrect. Azra says we don’t have much time so gives up with him. They sit in his taxi. Kabir begins driving.

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