Ishq Subhan Allah 2 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Kabir Consent Before Nikah?

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The episode begins, Zain gripes to Kabir that he ended up being a deceiver, he is late for the wedding. Kabir was curious. Zain reminds Kabir vowed to arrive ahead of schedule however was again late. Kabir vows to be with Zain in some time. One of the hosts takes Kabir to acquaint him with their visitors. Zara gazed towards Kabir.

Rukhsar bids farewell Ayesha Begum!, and spreads her with the cover. Kashan thumps at the entryway and asks Rukhsar to open the entryway. Rukhsar was perspiring gravely and looked strained. Azra takes Kabir aside and inquires as to whether he truly wish Zara and Zain to wed one another. Kabir answers this Nikah will happen. Azra precludes Kabir to come before Zara.

Zara is consistently gazing at him, and the world will get a theme of tattling. He may come in front when it’s the ideal opportunity for the observer. Zara’s guardians are uninformed that Zara welcomed him. Kabir vows not to tell anybody. Rukhsar opens the entryway with a trembling voice. She says she was going to advise Kashaan to call the specialist. Ayesha won’t wake up. Kashan hustles towards Ayesha who doesn’t move. Kashan calls Dr. Malik to arrive at their home.

Ishq Subhan Allah 2 October 2019

Kabir addresses Salma that her longing is satisfied. He is leaving, yet first comes his duty. He shows a check of Rs. 80 lac to Salma and says Zara’s restorative treatment was his obligation. There, Shaina questions Zain why he welcomed Kabir. Zain says Zara welcomed Kabir, not him. Shaina was shocked. Salma questions Kabir why he doesn’t disregard Zara to wed Zain, why he came here.

Kabir gets a call from Zara. Zara instructs him to keep his hands free prepared, she will just say Qubool Hai once she hears it from him. After the call, Kabir discloses to Salma he is leaving for Dubai. Her words hurt him straight in the heart. Salma answers his enthusiastic discourse is nothing before her adoration for Zara. His guarantee wouldn’t be satisfied till Zara is hitched to Zain.

The specialist tells the family that Ayesha is no more. Shahbaz, Kashan, and Zeenat were in a condition of doubt. Kashan signals Shahbaz that she won’t wake up. Zeenat cries. Shahbaz was broken and weeps for Ayesha. The specialist advises Shahbaz to get an after death, they will make sense of the explanation of death. Rukhsar figures moderate harming would be uncovered if there is a posthumous.

At the Nikah function, the observer from the lady of the hour and lucky man were called. The Nikah Khwan starts the service and requests Zain’s consent. Zain answers Qubool Hai, thrice. Everybody compliments him. The Nikah Khwan takes Zara’s assent for the Nikah now. Zara doesn’t answer and rather looks towards Kabir. Kabir looked vacantly towards Zara and goes to go to Zara. Zara wears her hands free and calls Kabir. The Nikah Khwan approaches Zara for her assent once more. Zara was quiet. Kabir remained behind Zara now, steamed and broken. Azra strolls to Kabir and urges him to shout out. Kabir reviews Salma’s requests.

Kashan attempts Kabir’s number to advise her about Ayesha’s demise. Salma advises Zara to shout out, everybody’s sitting tight for her answer. Zara answers she is likewise pausing. Kabir’s voice breaks as he talks. Qazi Sahib’s telephone chime rings. Kashan was crying and demands him to give the telephone to Kabir. Qazi Sahib was stressed and carries the telephone to Kabir. Kashan discloses to Kabir that Ayesha has withdrawn. Kabir goes in a condition of stun, hearing this.

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