Ishq Subhan Allah 2 May 2019 Written Update – Zara Tries To Find Kabir’s Truth

Written Update: Ishq Subhan Allah 2 May 2019 Written Update on

Kabir stops vehicle and puts hand on Zara’s hand on guiding wheel. He takes a gander at her and says I have seen you some place. Zara is strained. Azra says no you may be mixed up. Alina calls Zara and inquires as to whether everything is okay? Zara gee. Zeenat hears Alina murmuring available to come back to work and supposes I will discover what she is upto. She asks Amaan to proceed to eat from Alina’s hands. Alina messages Zara. Azra answers her that all is well, we are going to medical clinic.

Amaan comes there and requests that her influence him to eat. Zeenat sees Alina’s telephone. Alina gets occupied with Amaan. Zeenat says I will bring nourishment. Alina says I will bring it, she leaves. Zeenat checks Alina’s messages and is miffed. Azra, Ayesha and Kabir comes to medical clinic. Azra takes Ayesha inside center and asks Kabir to remain outside.

Ayesha lies in bed. Nagma says Zara’s arrangement cannot fall flat. Azra calls Zara and says Kabir is on gathering, be cautious. Zara attempts to head inside yet Kabir stops her and says you are a driver and man, for what reason would you say you are going in ladies’ ward? He influences her to sit alongside him and says you are a trick. He takes top and glasses and sets it on her head. Zeenat comes there in cover and gets some information about Nagma. She heads inside.

Ayesha says to Azra that you disclosed to me that Zara will be here, where is she? Zeenat comes there and covers up. Azra says to Ayesha that don’t stress, she is coming inside, she was with you entire time. Zara thinks how to leave from Kabir. Kabir goes to washroom. Zara keeps running from that point.

Zara goes to Ayesha’s ward and removes her mustache. Ayesha embraces her and says you did this to convey me to a specialist? Azra says Kabir couldnt discover truth. Ayesha says to Zara that you are my little girl, I needed to meet you and state sorry, you are bearing agony due to my child, I ought to have halted Kabir from promising on Quran as opposed to attempting to prevent you from going to sharia board. Zara says it was not your issue, dont cry. Zeenat sees all that and says I need to stop that dramatization.

Zeenat calls Shahbaz and reveals to him that Alina and Ayesha are a piece of this show. Shahbaz discloses to her some arrangement. Zara says to Azra that be with Ayesha, I am going to Kabir as he may question me. She leaves. Zara comes to Kabir as driver. Kabir says where were you? Zara says you were searching for me? Kabir says your grin helps me to remember somebody. Kabir says you drive like her as well. Zara says your better half? Kabir says I am a cleric. She was my better half. Zara says you look miserable, she doesnt live with you? my significant other doesnt live with me as well, she needs to separate from me. Kabir turns away. Zara says your significant other needs separate as well? Kabir gestures. Zara says you dont need to separate from her? Kabir looks down unfortunately and says dont ask more. Zara says you cherish her a ton right?

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