Ishq Subhan Allah 19 June 2019 Written Update – Kabir and Zara back together

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Ruksaar mumbles that they cherish one another, Zara says I am doing this for humankind. Kabir says you generally do this. Zara frowns at him and wipes his injury. Ruksaar brings Azra in a corner and says we have to bring Kabir and Zara back together. Azra says I have heard tales about you, I dont trust you. Ruksaar says I have changed, Zara and Kabir dealt with me when I was sick, if it’s not too much trouble trust me. Azra says I am not a trick, I am not helping you.

Ishq Subhan Allah 19 June 2019

Zara cleans Kabir’s injury and says I can deal with myself, dont hurt yourself for me. Kabir says I did it for humankind as well. Zara says you are only an outsider for me. Kabir says no despite everything I am in connection with you. Zara says our connection finished path back. Kabir says fine and goes to leave yet Zara battles with him to put gauze on his injury. Kabir takes a gander at her and reviews their sentimental minutes, chahe negligible dil plays. Azra comes there and calls Zara.

Zara moves from Kabir and keeps running from that point. Azra comes to Zara and asks what was the deal? Zara cries and says gives up home. Azra asks what was the deal? Zara says I attempt a great deal yet I keep overlooking, I felt Kabir’s torment, I cannot stop my feelings, I am attempting to proceed onward, I dont need to return to him yet past hold returning to me. Azra embraces her and requests that her cry and clean her heart. Zara sobs in her arms. Kabir sees it. Zara leaves with Azra. Kabir says sorry Zara I cannot support you. He sees Ruksaar offering cash to all folks that went to Zara and says she did all that?

Ruksaar gets back home and sees Zeenat there. Zeenat embraces her. Ruksaar says what is this? Zeenat says I have brought adornments, garments and everything for you, you are doing such great show, Zara will get separated and Ayesha will acknowledge you as Kabir’s significant other as she might suspect you are a decent individual now, we will harm Kabir and Zara’s lives now. Kabir stows away and hears it. Ruksaar is staggered. Zeenat says you are playing such a decent game, I am so upbeat. Kabir comes inside and applauds at them. He says this is your existence Ruksaar. Ruksaar says no this isn’t valid.

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