Ishq Subhan Allah 18 June 2019 Written Update – Zara and Azra start laughing

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Zara turns away. Ruksaar inquires as to whether Zara could rest the previous evening or be concerned for Kabir? Azra says for what reason would Zara turn in her rest, she dozes gently. Ruksaar says your stammering disclosed to me you are lying. She tells that adoration isn’t something that can be halted.

I cherished Kabir like insane, I know him more than himself, Zara you don’t need to conceal anything from me, I gave numerous traps to toss you a shot of Kabir’s life so I did Ph.D. on you as well, I know your hearts, overlook everything and acknowledge that you both cherish each even other.

Ishq Subhan Allah 18 June 2019

Kabir smiles and says I didn’t come here on the grounds that I give it a second thought, I am here in light of the fact that you are as yet my significant other. Does Azra inquire as to whether she needs more affront? we won’t remain here. Ruksaar stops Zara and says Kabir explained to us yet for what reason would you say you are here? Zara looks on.

Irfan is glancing around for Zara. Salma says she went to meet Ruksaar, you were dozing, she doesn’t tune in, Kabir hurt her so much yet at the same time she thinks about him. Irfan says let her be. Salma says don’t we give her an excess of time? Kabir got Ruksaar back however we need to take choice for Zara too.

Kabir asks Zara for what reason she is her? Zara says really.. she gives her cash and says its for serving in eid party, she leaves. Kabir leaves as well. Ruksaar says I will cause them to admit. She calls Hamid Ansari and says I will enlighten you regarding Zara.

Kabir is in vehicle and reviews Ruksaar’s words that despite everything he adores Zara. He leaves the vehicle and says God why you continue doing this? I adore her however left from her however at this point Ruksaar is back, I dont trust her, show me right way. Ruksaar calls him. Kabir says what do you need? Ruksaar requests that he meet her in a bistro.

Azra and Zara comes to bistro. Azra says Ruksaar called you and you are here? Zara says I care for Kabir yet I need to comprehend what Ruksaar needs.

Kashan comes in room. Zeenat is setting her adornments and is quiet, she says my sister has turned out to be smart. Kashan says you are above people. Zeenat says I will give garments and adornments to her, give me 25K. Kashan says what? zeenat says you are an agent so its nothing. Kashan gives her his card and thinks its futile to contend with her.

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