Ishq Subhan Allah 15 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Boss turns & See Rizwan

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Manufacturing plant proprietors go to an office. Imran is dressed as a supervisor there. Kabir and Zara come there as an Arabic couple. Kabir says we won’t purchase your processing plant now. The proprietor says what are you saying? My proprietor won’t extra me. Kabir says that the production line had a ton of fun and the police are exploring it. The proprietor says that we have individuals who will get this case shut.

Zara says we will pay once an arrangement is concluded. Kabir says you do my work, get this case shut and after that, we will pay you. The proprietor expresses gratitude toward him and leaves. Zara chuckles and says you look so adorable Kabir. He grins at her. The proprietor calls his man and says to hellfire with Zara and Kabir, I have some huge work. Imran goes to tail him.

Kabir is attempting to remove his facial hair. He says it’s not falling off. Zara says you played it well yet I like my Kabir and not this Sheik. Kabir looks on. Zara says you need my assistance. She goes nearer to him and pulls his facial hair off, he recoils in agony. Zara blows on his cheek. He moves away. Zara chuckles. Zara says don’t have the foggiest idea whether we are burning through our time with this proprietor. Kabir says God is with us. He attempts to hold her hand however stops. Kabir says you can contact me. He says no.

Ishq Subhan Allah 15 October 2019

Zara holds his hand and says you can hold my hand, it’s alright. Kabir says continue grinning this way, you look charming. He controls himself and says anything can occur. Zara says nothing will transpire till you are with me, you pay special mind to yourself. Does Kabir inquire as to whether she is kidding? Zara says no, I don’t need you to go to Dubai with dread. Kabir says at that point accompany me to Dubai. Zara says don’t joke. Kabir says I am not kidding.

Ruksaar is pressing and says to Kabir that I can’t disapprove of you, I will go to Dubai with you, I am so glad. Kabir grins. Ruksaar says I realize you will return. It ends up being Ruksaar’s fantasy. She says I won’t let Kabir go. Kabir comes nearer to Zara and says accompany me. She says individuals don’t permit us in a room, I can’t accompany you. Kabir says there are huge mosques there. Zara says I know, she gets energized. Zara says I don’t have an issue with going yet I must be here. Does she inquire as to whether he will drop her home? He says yes. Zara says my home is in your heart. Kabir, unfortunately, takes a gander at her. Kabir gets a call and looks on.

Kabir meets Imran, they cover up to see whom the proprietor is meeting. Ruksaar asks Shahbaz where Kabir is going in Dubai? He says I don’t have a clue. Ruksaar says you used to know it all about Kabir however not any longer, everybody realizes that Kabir is leaving simply because of Zara, he is prepared to leave his nation as a result of her. Shahbaz yells at her to stop it, Ruksaar says to accomplish something for your child, she grins and leaves.

Precap: Kabir brings Zara to Shahbaz’s house and says I am free from that cage, I am finally free.

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